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Stereoview of the South

A beautiful Stereoview and one I have owned twice over the years. Also known as stereographs, stereo views, stereoscopic views, stereo cards and my favorite, "Victorian Television." They were initially photographic experiments aimed at producing a more realistic image. If you are adept at staring at your own nose, you should be able to bring these images together and see the three dimensional Palmetto tree even without a wooden viewer. Once the photographic technique of mounting two nearly identical images to produce the 3-d effect was established, commercial photographers and suppliers churned these things out by wagon load. If you think your aunt's travel videos are boring, imagine loading images of historic buildings in Europe over and over and over and over into a clunky hand held eyepiece. However, they ARE actual photographs (of many types...nearly every early photographic form was produced in stereo) and on occasion achieve the simple, serene and elegant beauty of this image. Jerome Nelson Wilson went on to form a partnership with O.P Havens and produced southern regional views before passing away in 1897.

Albumen Stereoview J. N. Wilson Savannah Ga c. 1870 Collection Jim Linderman

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