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Quote and Credit


Mrs. Sauer and her Fabulous Four Seasons

A complete set of four linen postcards, each depicting a season, crocheted by the remarkable Lena Sauer of Covington, Kentucky in 1937 (or thereabouts, if my handy guide to dating postcards is correct, these were published in 1938) . As the reverse of the cards point out, each season shown took from 750 to 1050 hours to complete. (Ready? Set.......CROCHET!) The backs also point out highlights, such as "93 colorful tulips, even an ash tray on the coffee table with a smoking cigarette, license plates on those cars amaze everyone and no larger than the nail on your hand." As with ALL my postings, feel free to enlarge the images for detail. Squint. Imagine.
I will have much, much more to say about postcards and postcard collecting in future posts, so tell your friends!
Feel free to look up "crochet" on wiki...it has a long history, all of which is as boring as the process itself.

Set of four Curteich Art-Colortone Linen Postcards, unmailed
1938 Collection Jim Linderman

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