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Quote and Credit


Robert Lee Williams of Atlantic City

The work and yard of the late Robert Lee Williams of Atlantic City, New Jersey. Mr. Williams had no lawn for kids to invade, so he yelled at them when they played on his concrete patio. His hand painted signs were not intended for decoration, their purpose was to scare away the "little basters" who danced and played loud music in his space. The imposing bulls on the fence were influenced by the Colt Malt Liquor Bull. Most terrifying were the dogs. TALKING dogs who said things like "we take it to your ass" and "we don't like stink shoes" while hounding the kids, each of whom either rode a bike or lugged a boom-box. Despite his grumpy nature, he was a religious man and painted several crosses, in one work he seemingly converted a delinquent who exclaims "a cross is easier to beire (sic) then to face these dogs" after dropping his stereo. Mr. William's yard was appropriated through eminent domain in order to build a spiffy new convention center. The convention center proudly displays commissioned William Wegman and Jonathan Borofsky artworks. Mr. Williams artworks have been lost.
Five original 35mm photographs c. 1994 Collection Jim Linderman

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