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Bowling Ball Salesman Sample

The Brunswick company shut their bowling ball plant in Muskegon, Michigan (twelve miles from where I found this salesman sample) in 2006 and moved the entire operation to Mexico. An all too familiar story by now. However, this story has a twist and smile...read on.

By DAVE ALEXANDER | The Muskegon Chronicle January 12, 2009 Muskegon workers are making bowling balls again. Taking up the Brunswick Corp. tradition of bowling ball production that was moved to Mexico in 2006, a small independent producer of bowling items has launched a new line of professional-grade balls. The Motiv line of bowling balls is being made out of the Wilbur Products plant in Muskegon Heights.

I sincerely hope corporate giant Brunswick enjoys paying the gasoline transportation cost to move every damn one of their 14 pound Mexican Bowling balls to the United States, and that all you hipsters can buy yourself and Dad a Motiv ball this year.

Bowling Ball Salesman Sample 4.5" diameter 2 pounds c. 1960 Collection Jim Linderman

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