Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit

Swizzle Stick Fo Shizzle ma Nizzle Swizzle! Deadly Plastic Pokers

A fine collection of Swizzle Sticks. Now they look harmless, but are FAR from it, as you can see from the abstracted medical journal expose following. Booze and a Broken Stem equals Blindness and a punctured bowel or something.

Group of priceless swizzle sticks collection Jim Linderman

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  1. Oh my. This does bring back memories of childhood. Aboard a Matson Liner moving to Hawaii a young friend and I (we were 7) ran around the fantail of the ship stealing swizzle sticks from unsuspecting people busy sunning themselves. When we returned to our folks proudly showing the bunches of sticks we'd "procured" we were promptly told to put them back. Thus began our adventure of going around shoving sticks into every glass we saw whether the stick belonged there or not.