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Quote and Credit


From the Forthcoming Exhibition "HEADS" Jim Linderman Dull Tool Dim Bulb

Forthcoming HEADS exhibition


Limited Edition Lithographs Celebrate the Armory Show

CERTAIN to increase in value, Limited Edition Lithographs currently available at 46 cents each.

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Gun Culture Vernacular Photographs at the House of Mirth

Collection Clare Goldsmith

That our unfortunate national obsession with guns starts young is obvious, but you will see few better examples than the miniature exhibition HERE on Stacy Waldman's excellent blog House of Mirth.  Stacy curated a show from some prominent collectors, and the images are authentic and frightening.  Great stuff, and the site always is.  Put it on your list of regular visits.

LINK to the House of Mirth is HERE

How Much is a Wiggles Worth? Smith Wigglesworth Sky Pilot Preacher

Reverend Smith Wigglesworth tries a new trick:  dropping his invitations from a bi-plane like the propaganda they were!   Good thing the company now selling his four-pound "complete sermons"  doesn't try that trick…it would be like the time they dropped turkeys from the sky on WKRP.

Anyway, a scarce little pamphlet from the sky which is worth exactly one wiggles worth today…but then find another.

Wigglesworth was a plumber who suffered from glossolalia (the clinical name for speaking in tongues)  but it was in the days before medication for schizophrenia, so he became a preacher.  This was shortly after meeting and marrying his wife, Polly Featherstone, a Salvation Army preacher. She taught the plumber to read the Bible, and he always said it was the only book he ever read.  That is typical of his open-mindedness throughout his entire career.

What a career it was.  Wigglesworth raised folks from the dead (!) including at one point his now dead wife Polly!  He claimed to have brought no less than three, but maybe as many as twenty-three departed souls back to life.  One of those he brought back was a bitter woman  who,  when raised out of her coffin,  slapped the preacher in the face saying she was having a better time in heaven. 

He was a "laying on of hands" faith-healer, but when Swedish authorities (onto the ruse) denied him, he cured Swede's illnesses by inventing a technique by which the informed could "lay hands on themselves."  He also distributed blessed hankies, but I haven't been able to find out how much he charged for them.

Wikipedia claims Wigglesworth would not sleep at night unless he had saved at least one soul that day.   One night he rose troubled from bed and went out looking for a drunk to convince on the spot so he could get some damn sleep.

There is a website devoted to selling Smith's dribbles, but I'm not going to link to them.  Why help?  I will gladly allow them to use this scarce sky-pamphlet if they can bring either Old Man Smith Wigglesworth OR his wife Polly back to cure my lumbago.

Message from Sky Pilot Smith Wigglesworth.  Original "flying tract" announcement circa 1930 Collection Jim Linderman


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Farming on the MOON by Anonymous Who Painted the Future for Topps? Space Art 1958

Farming on the Moon?  Earthshine love!  All From Target Moon, and I can't find out who painted them.  A hot debate rages in the nerd community about whether the set of Topps trading cards known as Target Moon were produced in 1958 or 1967, with salmon backs or with blue backs, the wrappers they came in, whether gum was included,  how often they were reissued, what countries they were distributed in,  blah blah. I say "nerd" with no rancor, trading card collectors...but you KNOW the only one worth having is Honus Wagner, and he never went to the moon.

But no one identifies the artist!

I came across one Chesley Bonstell, who appeared promising…but I think he paints better. 

I mean, come on.  They even know the name of the space dog. 

The set is fascinatingly fascinating…and while one might think them goofy, consider they were done at least ten years before we landed on the moon.  Whoever did them got things pretty close, especially as I don't think NASA was sharing much with the Ruskies back then. 

There have even been auctions of the original artwork with no illustrator identified. 

Check out these earthbound goons racing to recover the rocket!  HAW!

One of the great mysteries of space!  If anyone knows out there in space art land, feel free to write in.  


UPDATE:  Suggestions from a kindly expert, as follows:  Definitely not Bonestell... I think he was too high profile (and priced accordingly) for the cheapskates at Topps. There are at least two or three artists involved... the "Martian Dust Storm" looks like it COULD be Norm Saunders. The rest look familiar, but nothing I can place.

Comic Foreground Novelty Vintage Photographs ARGENTINA TINTAMARRESQUE The New Dull Tool Dim Bulb Book

Argentina Tintamarresque!  Comic Foreground Vintage Photographs.  You know the drill by now.  The newest Book from House of Dull Tool Dim Bulb, and it is only $5.99 in Ebook form, and $21.95 in paperback.  66 pages of fun! Cutout novelty screens were invented by the same guy who first painted dogs playing poker. That astounding fact may just be enough for you to purchase this, the most curious of books, but I will throw in a few more encouragements. One, all the photographs included in the book predate 1930, and two, all are from Argentina. Cassius Marcellus Coolidge is credited with creating "comic foregrounds" which put a sitter behind a caricatured painting. Staple of carnivals, "just off the exit" rest stops and anywhere one wants to have fun looking stupid. Argentina Tintamarresque, as odd as it may seem, collects tons of them.  Why?  Why NOT?

Most are real photo postcards, but there are snapshots.  Not only are the futuristic modes of transportation all wrong, the folks perched behind them seldom smile, as these are so old folks still thought you had to refrain from moving.  In glorious South American sepia, each a little gem.

Argentina Tintamarresque is OUT OF PRINT!  Current books available under the Dull Tool Dim Bulb imprint from Blurb are HERE

Candid Charlie Comic Books Paparazzi Photographica from B. Gordon Guth

Comic Book Photographica  and the first paparazzi Candid Charlie of Target Comics!

For the record, I do not collect comic books, and I do not own those shown above.  For this post, I defer to the experts Steven Thompson and My Comic Shop, though in this case even they don't know too much.  Both are linked below.  Let's call this a query.  Who the hell was B. Gordon Guth, the artist who conjured up "Candid Charlie" a red-headed kid with camera?

Every boy with a handheld is Candid Charlie now, but back when these came out, one had to lug it around their neck.  I guess the stereotype of Japanese tourists snapping photos is finally retired too…now that we all take too many pictures with our cellphones.  But back then, a shutterbug was nerdy and with thick glasses to go with his hobby.

By far the best place to find anything about Guth is Steven Thompson's blog Four Color Shadows.  Mr. Thompson is the expert (truly) but even he seems stumped. He does reproduce an entire story HERE

Candid Charlie appeared in Target Comics, sometimes as a cover model, and the rest of the time within.  Some of the covers of Target are so cool they almost make me wish I collected them…but not all were done by B. Gordon Guth.  In fact, it looks like once in a while (for "composite" covers) Candid Charlie was drawn by another artist…unless the ginger head bespeckled hero of B. Guth was a generic type.  Note no camera on Charlie on the cover of "4 Most Comics" as he, or his look-a-like is hurled to the sand.
In one issue, a three-headed Charlie has to decide between a dame and his Brownie.  Take the dame Charlie.

There is another Charlie looking dude slumped down after sniffing ether too, but it is drawn by Nina Albright.  Nina was super cool.  Check out this issue of Target with Kit Carter obfuscating the eyes of the bad guy with his sand wedge!

Another Guth cover shows a seemingly now grown-up Candid Charlie shooting a shark while the world's smallest one-man speedboat heads towards shore.

The census lists a B. Gordon Guth of the Bronx born 1910.  I reckon that would be him.

As I said, I'm no comic historian, but Guth seems to have been hooked up with L. B. Cole, who I wrote about HERE and Art Helfant, like Nina both far better known.

Steven Thompson's fantastic comic book site Four Color Shadows is HERE
My Comic Shop (which has a few of these in stock) is HERE

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Burlesque Queen Private Photographs of Lynne O'Neill The New Book


NOW AVAILABLE!  Ebook $5.99  Paperback and Hardcover as listed. 


Snapshot of a Pin Up Reflection in Black and White Identified!


 A pinup snapshot!  We can speculate. True love on the part of the shutterbug? An artist trying to document his painting in print? But guess what we need NOT speculate...as seen here, that the image comes from a 1952 issue of Esquire. Thanks to PROJECT B and Barbara Levine, vintage photography dealer extraordinaire for the snapshot. Thanks to Google and my well-trained eye for gams for solving my puzzle. Original Snapshot 1952 Collection Jim Linderman 


Horse and Rider Whirligig Rust and Galvanized Steel Folk Art

Folk Art Whirligig Surface and Patina

Galvanized steel lasts longer than regular, as the rust on this whirligig readily indicates.  Can steel talk?  If one listens.  The use of two metals has created a curious mixture of surface and patina...but he still rides like the wind.

Whirligig, date unknown (1930?) collection Jim Linderman

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The Foxhole Art of Emil P. Hill Uncle Willie in Repose

Click to Enlarge  "Uncle Willie as I Last Saw Him" by E.P. Hill 1943 Collection Laura Levine
Master Photographer Laura Levine sends along a fantastic drawing done by a soldier during World War Two.  Laura found it among a group of other interesting  "foxhole art" drawings apparently produced, and swapped around, from the Pacific front.  Uncle Willie was likely a memory which came to a young soldier as he pondered his own fate.  The small packet of drawings include a few by Emil P. Hill and others which are anonymous.  

There was plenty of time to hone drawing skills.  Thankfully many battles were brief, though brutal…and pencil and paper was frequently available.

I've written about foxhole art before…but mostly for the other blog.  The number of accomplished cartoonists and illustrators who emerged after the war is considerable.  Many had their art careers disrupted by the war, others picked up their skills painting on duffel bags for friends.  Those with talent could trade a pinup for smokes.  For some it was the aluminum media of glamour girls done on the noses of bombers.  Many returning vets enrolled in commercial art programs, others did it by falling for those cheap "Learn to Draw" ads in the back of magazines.

One could look up Emil P. Hill and see if he served with distinction, if he made it home, and if he pursued his art career.  I hope he did all three. 

"Uncle Willie as I Last Saw Him" by Emil P. Hill II  Collection Laura Levine  Pencil on Paper 1943


A few other examples of Trench Art, or what could also be dubbed "Foxhole Art"  appears HERE HERE HERE HERE


Heart You Dull Tool Dim Bulb Valentine

Circa 1920  Love   Collection Jim Linderman

New SUN-FOTO the Fun Chemical Way to Have Fun in the Sun Photographica

It's MISS SUN-PHOTO (presumably the inventor's daughter) showing how to create wonderful SUN PHOTOS on fabric! 

I dunno…inside the box is TWO pair of wooden tweezers, a bottle full of what looks to be both illegal and unsafe, and reams of instructions for making the sun create an image from your own negative onto a shirt. 

One thing we know, whenever a product is called "FOTO" someone already owns the copyright for "PHOTO" I guess. The other thing we know is that no one seems to have written about this little device yet, so as it would appear henceforth anyone searching SUN-FOTO will land here, so I better be factual.

SUN-FOTO contained enough poison solution to create 150 pictures, and "anyone" can do it.  The product came out of Hollywood, a sunny place, and the instructions do indeed say to use the sun, not a lamp to burn your picture onto a piece of cloth. 

They even linked-up with the Cherrin Brothers in Detroit to run some kind of bogus contest.  "All entries become the property of Sun-Foto Mfg. Co."  Hey, just like Facebook! 

SUN-FOTO (No Date)  Collection Jim Linderman

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Peach Basket Bentwood Birch ? Folk Art Handmade Basket

I would love to know more about this bentwood "peach basket" I found the other day.  It has some age, there is wear on nuts, bolts and brass washers used in construction.  A lovely craft design.  It is also footed.  20 inches long.  Anyone seen one like it?

Peach Basket, no date Collection Jim Linderman 

Neutered Newsstand! Gimmie Pulp and Wildcat Adventures Dull Tool Dim Bulb

A demented Captain Sully celebrates safe landing with a bottle of champagne (top).  A man in slim-fit  Dockers wields a Bunsen burner against wild prison girls.   Japanese buffoons guffaw as minks on strings have their way with a staked tourist.  Central Park strollers are left for dead after their meal at the Tavern on the Green (Ambiance 4 stars.  Food 1 star)   A living ship's figurehead is saved by an island-dwelling tan man with a burp gun. An unfortunate with no winter coat purloins a harpoon to fend off Big White so he can freeze in the arms of his mink-collar woman friend.  An obviously insane Baron von Leprachaun comes hunting el-boffo game. And AGAIN with the fire, this time Shicklgrubers thug.

Every woman a wanton and every man a man wanting a women!

It is no WONDER magazines today are withering on the rack like tomato plants lacking water.  There's no JUICE left at the newsstand.  Where is MY Naked Daughter of Papua? When can I fend off Hitler's woman burner?  (that fire gadget again!)  What do I get?  The new Swimsuit issue once a year and perennial world traveler Nat Geo?  The Galapagos Islands AGAIN?  Let's jazz things UP there Hearst.  Stop putting do-little Jennifer Aniston on the cover and give us some red meat with our big media lies.  We're MEN here.

Wildcat Adventures published for 5 years, and everyone of them was on the rack for impressionable ME.  I didn't buy or read any…I used the library and these obviously did not meet the rigorous selection standards.  Candar Publishing was responsible.  I read the Hardy Boys instead.