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Quote and Credit


New SUN-FOTO the Fun Chemical Way to Have Fun in the Sun Photographica

It's MISS SUN-PHOTO (presumably the inventor's daughter) showing how to create wonderful SUN PHOTOS on fabric! 

I dunno…inside the box is TWO pair of wooden tweezers, a bottle full of what looks to be both illegal and unsafe, and reams of instructions for making the sun create an image from your own negative onto a shirt. 

One thing we know, whenever a product is called "FOTO" someone already owns the copyright for "PHOTO" I guess. The other thing we know is that no one seems to have written about this little device yet, so as it would appear henceforth anyone searching SUN-FOTO will land here, so I better be factual.

SUN-FOTO contained enough poison solution to create 150 pictures, and "anyone" can do it.  The product came out of Hollywood, a sunny place, and the instructions do indeed say to use the sun, not a lamp to burn your picture onto a piece of cloth. 

They even linked-up with the Cherrin Brothers in Detroit to run some kind of bogus contest.  "All entries become the property of Sun-Foto Mfg. Co."  Hey, just like Facebook! 

SUN-FOTO (No Date)  Collection Jim Linderman

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