Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


Neutered Newsstand! Gimmie Pulp and Wildcat Adventures Dull Tool Dim Bulb

A demented Captain Sully celebrates safe landing with a bottle of champagne (top).  A man in slim-fit  Dockers wields a Bunsen burner against wild prison girls.   Japanese buffoons guffaw as minks on strings have their way with a staked tourist.  Central Park strollers are left for dead after their meal at the Tavern on the Green (Ambiance 4 stars.  Food 1 star)   A living ship's figurehead is saved by an island-dwelling tan man with a burp gun. An unfortunate with no winter coat purloins a harpoon to fend off Big White so he can freeze in the arms of his mink-collar woman friend.  An obviously insane Baron von Leprachaun comes hunting el-boffo game. And AGAIN with the fire, this time Shicklgrubers thug.

Every woman a wanton and every man a man wanting a women!

It is no WONDER magazines today are withering on the rack like tomato plants lacking water.  There's no JUICE left at the newsstand.  Where is MY Naked Daughter of Papua? When can I fend off Hitler's woman burner?  (that fire gadget again!)  What do I get?  The new Swimsuit issue once a year and perennial world traveler Nat Geo?  The Galapagos Islands AGAIN?  Let's jazz things UP there Hearst.  Stop putting do-little Jennifer Aniston on the cover and give us some red meat with our big media lies.  We're MEN here.

Wildcat Adventures published for 5 years, and everyone of them was on the rack for impressionable ME.  I didn't buy or read any…I used the library and these obviously did not meet the rigorous selection standards.  Candar Publishing was responsible.  I read the Hardy Boys instead. 


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