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Quote and Credit


Art Brut from Detroit Michigan Sam Mackey

The little known work of Sam Mackey is shown here from several institutional collections. Mr. Macky was the grandfather of Tyree Guyton, creator of Heidelberg Project, a long standing (and constantly changing) folk art environment in Detroit. Mr. Guyton has said his grandfather was an inspriation on his own work. I am not sure how widely Sam Mackey's work has been publicly shown, if at all. Some 25 years ago I was fortunate to see of number of originals in New York courtesy of a friend who had the work sent to him for approval. Great work, and work which I believe is quite scarce. The art here is dated circa 1987 - 1992. Crayon and pencil on paper. Images of Sam Mackey work from the following sources: Knight Foundation The Wayne State University Collection For art and artists(blog) University of Michigan Museum of Art

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