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Quote and Credit


Vintage Photograph Navajo Rug Seller and Rough n' Tough Tenderfoot

Navajo rug seller shows his wares to what I can only suspect is a tenderfoot. I have written the story of the "Drugstore Cowboy" before on his blog...I am going to guess Jasper here traveled from out east to see the desert, and I am going to also guess his feet hurt from his stiff new boots.  His crisp new Stetson makes the mountain look small.   I don't blame him, it's still a wonderful and magical trip.  A few nights in Santa Fe and environs will change your life.  

Do those chaps even fit in the touring car? "Put the front seat down, dear...my chaps won't bend at the knee"  Jasper seems to be interested in pawn jewelry too.

Navajo rugs are among the most beautiful objects of art ever produced.  While they may have taken a woman months to make, the return was small.  Still, it provided a meager living.

Original snapshot (detail) circa 1930s Collection Jim Linderman
Thanks to Curley's Antiques 

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