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Elvis : The Last Tour The Last photos and Why the King NEVER performed outside the US Original Photos Collection Jim Linderman

 Elvis : The Last Tour The last photos and Why the King NEVER performed outside the US.

The king is not looking too well here. A group of never published photographs found in Michigan. Indeed Elvis played Michigan several times during his end times.  Having been pushed to the limit by fame and his crooked, greedy manager Col. Tom Parker He was near collapse.  Sure enough, he dropped.  Elvis spent a week in the hospital from April 1 to April 6, 1977, but a few weeks later there he was again.  A night in Detroit.  A night in Ann Arbor.  One in Saginaw.  A show in the hockey rink in Kalamazoo.  BACK to Saginaw a week later for another gig.

Colonel Tom Parker took 50%. 
You know the protocol. There were a few shows cancelled due to "intestinal flu" or "toothache" but he rolled on.  He died several months later.

He was performing well enough, some say. Live gigs on the 1977 tour were captured for a concert film and albums.  When Dr. Nick had him jacked-up with as many drugs as Elvis took, he could get through a show.  The concert film was canned, as it showed a man clearly on the brink, but greed caused it to be released not long after his death.  Greed.

Why did Elvis NEVER PLAY OUTSIDE THE UNITED STATES?  Other than three or so gigs in Canada (back when a passport was not required to cross the border) Parker never once put the King on display unless he was on American soil.  At least one offer of a million dollars in Australia was turned down.  Can you imagine if he had played Japan?  20 sold out shows in a row in any Japanese venue.  Europe? 

Colonel Tom Parker was an illegal Immigrant who feared he would not be able to return to the US if he left.  That was the reason. Some even speculate he was "on the run" from a murder he committed in Europe as a young man.  He was Dutch born.  He made it to the US and claimed he was born in West Virginia.  He never had a passport.  A manager on the lam.

Original Unpublished Photographs of Elvis 1977 Anonymous.  Collection Jim Linderman  Each signed on the reverse "E  C"


  1. It's so sad what happened to Elvis. A great American tragedy. He thought he was surrounded by friends all around (Tom Parker, Memphis Mafia, various ladies...)but most went after him like vultures, before and after death.

  2. Another reason Elvis had to keep doing shows like the ones you mention is that he received virtually none of the publishing revenues from his songs - ie - royalties for airplay, use in movies etc....
    So all he had really was his piece of the ticket sales to these shows...
    a hard life for such a famous performer.