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Trio of Handmade Folk Art Marble Game Boards made by the same hand circa 1955

A trio of folk art game boards by the same hand.  Odd to see three like this together now… but they  collectively make up a "mid-century modern graphic" oddity for the wall.  Cabin decor class!   Circa 1955?  Each just over 16" x 16.

A commercial version of the game was manufactured in 1960, but I am going to guess guys had been making this marble game for decades in the basement.  Hobbyist and woodworking magazines were full of this kind of thing around the 1950s.  But how were three boards by the same hand re-assembled into one collection 50+ years later?

I speculate each was eventually given BACK to the maker long after they were gifted. Maybe Pop made a set for each of his kids?  All found and assembled into a collection by a picker?  All three have bread board ends, which were hand built, and all drilled with the same precision.  Each shows different use and wear, each has age and all three were found together at an antique shop.  One has a taped "rules" sheet affixed still.

Trio of Handmade Folk Art Marble Game Boards circa 1955 Collection Jim Linderman

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