Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


The Tie brought to its Ultimate Artistic Expression High Quality and Low Politics

 Dreadful Don's ties are not made in America, so Hillary sent her staff out to find manufacturers over here who would gladly have manufactured them.  Calling Trump a hypocrite is like calling Al Capone a purse snatcher…but every little bit helps. 

I have read that ties were invented to show you trusted your adversary. It's pretty hard to offend anyone facing you when either could reach out and strangle the other. Hillary doesn't wear ties. 

The Haband Company in Patterson, New Jersey was founded in 1925. They hand made ties and sold them in local banks. A hit! The company began sending around postcard-like photographs of the product line, and that is what you see here. It led to a clothing and gift company which remains today. They also had a wonderful description of the product. "The process is not secret or exclusive to Haband. Others just don't take the trouble to develop its possibilities to its ultimate artistic expression." Nicely put. 

Remarkable and beautiful neckware, and the company appears to have been built without the help of organized crime (Unlike the Dreadful Don's construction enterprises!) 

Set of Haband Tie promotional photos No Date (circa 1940?) Collection Jim Linderman

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