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Quote and Credit


Brick Clay Miniature Brick Fund Raising Gimmick and the Church of Herman Bridgers Rocky Mount North Carolina

A church needs a strong foundation, but it also needed lots of brick walls!  So the Rocky Mount Methodist Church sold tiny red bricks to raise construction funds.  This little fella is about the size of a quarter.  If ever a church needed a building, it was this united Methodist group...here they are prior to the fund (and roof) raising gathering for worship at Overton's BBQ Restaurant!
I think I ATE there once!  I asked where the best sauce was, and someone sent me there.  I'm a vegetarian, but I ate the sauce on a potato and on white bread.  

Rocky Mount was also the town with MY favorite church. That would be the magnificent one gravedigger Herman Bridgers built nearby with his bare hands.  You can read my tribute at the link.  His church moved me so much, I wrote about it. Now, I've written about another!  I seriously doubt any of the congregants above ever went to Herman's church, but they would have met the most devout man in Rocky Mount. You can see how the Methodist church turned out here.  Herman Bridgers drew his church too...and it is now in the collection of the Asheville Art Museum.
Herman Bridgers Drawing of his church Asheville Art Museum

Vintage Miniature Red Brick Fund Raising Novelty collection circa 1964  collection Jim Linderman

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