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Quote and Credit


The Moving Log Cabin of Vinal Early Trade Training Norwell, MA Vintage Snapshot

They are hanging out the windows to see the Vinal Regional Technical School "Early Trade Training" boys at work!  They built a MOVING LOG CABIN!  I'm not sure what is going on atop the float, but maybe they have a saw and are slitting more logs.  I don't see safety glasses.  I think that is taught before cutting these days.

Who would have thought a few "not on the college track" kids would invent the Tiny House Movement!  Or at least a moving duck blind.  I can see the Duck Dynasty guys pulling right up to the swimmin' hole and killing stuff in this. 

Vinal School is in Norwell, Massachusetts.  A tiny town which has produced notables such as Jeff Corwin the naturalist and Susan Tedeschi, the female blues musician who is lucky she gets to tour with Derek Trucks.   Derek is Duane Allman come back to life on slide, but then the super band here ain't bad either. 

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