Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


Fourth Dimension Blows Up! Japan Transfer Sticker Space Travel

Well, not "blown up" but scanned at a high resolution and enlarged.  I am a sucker for vintage Japanese graphics.  There are several sets of these for sale on ebay currently!  See link below. 

After the big one, we helped Japan return to sound financial footing by giving them a market for cheap toys.  Our own baby boom!  All manner of celluloid toys, tricks and yes, stickers, could be sold to the offspring in our expanding suburbs.  In that manner both economies grew.  It was early globalization and all benefited.  I love stories with happy endings.  But then some politicians with no positive agenda to push other than A) denying women the right to make their own decisions and B) helping the rich came along.  So, they invented the boogie man: Job-taking "others" to scapegoat.  Want to ruin the economy of us AND them?  Close the borders.  

See other sets for sale HERE on ebay.

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