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Quote and Credit


Fun with Furzies ! Flocking the Furzie way from Zenith Toys of Brooklyn

We have quite a few artists followers on Dull Tool Dim Bulb, so you might be on the lookout for some Furzie inspired works to show up at your local gallery soon.  FURZIES are "an exciting new style of picture in brilliant colors of breath-taking beauty…WITH A FUR LIKE FEEL!

 "Hello?  It's Larry "Go Go" Gagosian on the phone?  Tell him I'm busy.  The open studio tour is next week."

Zenith of Brooklyn made a few cheap toys in the 1950s for the young members of the baby-boom.  Furzies failed (as this will be the first time it appears on the web) but I'm glad to contribute.  The idea was to paint on some glue (included) and then use the cardboard sifter (included) to sprinkle on colored fur.  I won't open the individual bags to feel the texture, but the kit also includes a SAMPLE hastily made on the production line.

"Dear? How was work today…I wore something special and made your favorite meatloaf?" 

"I must have painted twenty thousand effing furzies…I'm too tired!

The Furzie sample is above.  Of course, the theme is cowboys and indians.  No comment there, but you know.  OH…there is also a tiny easel included to display your flocking set of furies!  "Flocking" is noted on the box cover.  It is the process of depositing many small fiber particles (called flock) onto a surface."  Another reason not to open them.  Mask NOT included.

Zenith Have Fun with Furzies Cowboys and Indians Flocking Set circa 1955 Zenith Toy Company Brooklyn, NY  Collection Jim Linderman

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