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Quote and Credit


You'll Never Have More Fun than with a Game of Dunce

Aah yes.  For once, I can say this isn't something I lived through.  Like a pigeon, I was born fully grown!  (My urban friends will understand that, as no one in the world has seen a baby pigeon.)  Digress.  DUNCE was a tasteful game produced by the Schaper company.  It's what plastic was invented for!  Johnny comes home from a humiliating long day at school, and his parents want to make him play school MORE.  

I would guess a third of my nightmares go back to school.  Brain wrinkles store up the most horrendous memories.  

Schaper make a load of toys you might remember.  Cootie (that thing you put plastic legs into) and DELUXE Cootie, Skunk, Lil Stinker, Tumble Bug, Snap-eze and Tiddle Tac Toe among them.  Maybe letting your kids play video games isn't so bad after all.

W. H. Schaper Mfg. Company Minneapolis, MN.  1956

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