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Quote and Credit


Fat Man Fake Photograph The Press has ALWAYS Lied. Manipulated Photography in the News

Prominent examples of faked press photographs abound.  What most don't realize is how many times over the years we have been tricked.  Shown here is an original press photograph dated 1921 in which a nascent photograph editor decided the "fat man" in the world's largest swivel chair was too small.  An insert of the man enlarged was pasted into the chair before publication.  Was the desired effect to make the chair smaller?  The man fatter?  Either way, just one out of millions of examples of press deceit.  Note the chair was cropped with paint as well.  This most insignificant example is but one of many.  Exactly how many were NOT insignificant is hard to say. 

Did you know the famous Kent State photograph once had a pole behind the head of the grieving woman kneeling over the murdered body of a protester? 

Original Press photograph with enlarged fat man overlay.  Collection Jim Linderman Dull Tool Dim Bulb.

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  1. Cool blog, now bookmarked.
    I'm wondering whether this photo is an advert or maybe some sort of "comic" thing rather than a news photo. The header and caption feel like olde-timey "laffs" to me. NEA Cleveland was apparently a Cleveland-based provider of comedic content https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Media
    Do you think that's Fatty Arbuckle, btw?