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Quote and Credit


Outsider Artist Ed Leedskalnin of Coral Gables Builds a set for bad smut films!

Why does the moon in Nude on the Moon  (a stiff of a film released in 1961) look like the mysterious "outsider art" construction of the eccentric Ed Leedskalnin known as Coral Castle? It was used as the set!   Ed's odd visionary pile of concrete and conch shells became the playground for the nudie cutie filmed by Equally eccentric director Raymond Phelan and the insane Doris Wishman.

Just how Ed created his massive tonnage of odd is unknown, as there are chunks too big for a mere mortal to move.  Leedskalnin literally did create a moonscape near Miami, but little did he know one day it would be filled with nubile moon nudes emoting (well..really just bouncing) for the big screen!

The official Coral Gables Environment website is HERE, but unfortunately it appears they have missed the connection between their mysterious tourist attraction and the producer of "Bad Girls Go To Hell" and "Blaze Starr Goes Nudist."

Entire books have been written which speculate how a small, old man could create such a monstrosity down in Florida.  Today, the whole thing would be digitally created by Pixar, and the naked moon women would cavort against a green screen backdrop like weathermen.  But the set was there, it was available (not yet having been appreciated by art aficionados) and furthermore it was right down where the magnificent Bunny Yeager could be the film's publicity photographer

See that big goony crescent shaped thing?  Take your pic of pictures…one with tourists, or the other with extra-nude nudists paid for the day!  The female of the species wear "Deely Bobbers" on their heads like antennae. They relax in the tropical Coral Gable sun while two astronaut actors sweat out their performances in tights and helmets.
Here is a picture of the creator Ed patiently waiting for the day the nudes will arrive.  Ed Leedskalnin has been the subject of books and discussion on the junk science radio show Coast to Coast, but I do not believe anyone has yet discussed the environment being used by a bunch of volleyball playing fake nudists creating a film for 42nd Street in the 1960s.
One CAN rent the place for special events today, so I guess a sequel could be made.  I'm sure it could be done in one day, like the original.

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