Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


Times Square 42nd Street 1949 Original Vintage Snapshot

Hopefully, some of you know I have been working on a book project which will tell the true story of the art and cultural changes brought by the underground artists, writers, publishers and merchants who were active in the 1950s and early 1960s in New York City.  

TIMES SQUARE SMUT is going really well, and I am now at the point of locating images I hope will be useful to the artist I will commission to do the cover.  This snapshot shows ground zero of smut...and will be helpful.  A mere block from the location of the bookstores I am more interested in...but the book will tell a far more decentralized story.  From time to time I make excerpts available.  Be an adult.

One of my favorite buildings is just visible back in the horizon.  The old McGraw-Hill building which has blue/green terra-cotta ceramic tiles on the exterior, and I am pleased to see it has been landmarked.  The dapper fellow walking to work unfazed by the activity around him?  I am hoping to have him rendered either a pornographer, a censor or a patron.

Original anonymous snapshot 1949 collection Jim Linderman

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