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Tom Mix ? Or Just a Big Cowpoke ? Dull Tool Dim Bulb Cowboy Mystery

Whoa, boys,  It's silent oater star Tom Mix (or is it?)  "Tom" is sporting a pair of homemade chaps and an ACTUAL pear so his big size can be determined.  I purchased this wrangler at an antique show for a price so low it doesn't matter, but since he was called Tom Mix I'd like to know. 

I can't find any big dolls of Tom Mix online.  Is this an amateur sales stimulator put in a toy shop?  I dunno!  All his duds are homemade (and old) and there is on six-shooter made of lead.  He WAS a cowboy, as the hard composite boots are attached (as are the hands and noggin) but the body is soft.  The kerchief appears to be a found object, and the holster is handmade.  The chaps and vest, leather, have cool leather applied stars.  He really isn't very cuddly...so I don't think he is a doll.  I think some kind of display thing.

So is this Tom Mix, or a city slicker posing as him? I am going to put him on the Collector's Weekly "Show and Tell" pages and call him a unsolved mystery.  Someone will know.  Was there a commercial trade figure or toy 24 inches tall of Tom Mix?

Cowboy doll with homemade clothes.   Collection Jim Linderman

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