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Beautiful but Deadly Mid-Century Modern Kentile Asbestos Floor Products Salesman Sample Set

Beautiful but deadly.  Mid-Century Modern colors by Kentile, a Brooklyn based company which lasted nearly 100 years before asbestos forced them into bankruptcy.  Today, a search on the company turns up far more hits for respiratory disease then floor tiles, but you'll still find a few folks trying to match colors and patch-up the floor in the ping-pong room. 

Kentile had an eight-story tall sign visible from the Gowanus.  It rusts there still, I guess,  a reminder for product safety and essentially a gigantic memorial for the workers and homemakers who lived with Kentile.

By far the most popular and familiar Kentile floors were the dapple-like pieces shown in the ad below.  They epitomize the 1950s, but don't scuff your feet too hard and stir up the fibers.  Don't grind them up when you remodel either.  I think they were trying to create a vinyl marble, or a marbling effect. To me, the patterns define the era as much as the beautiful plywood furniture…and I grew up within a few miles of the Herman Miller company and my folks dragged me along to the now famous company tag sales, so I know.  Of course, even then, Kentile was the stuff you pulled up to create an even more modern look…or covered with shag.  You can connect with other trendy retro-renovators HERE

The colors in this salesman sample box have names as pretty as the colors.
Burnt Orange
Bangkok Pink
Hot Canary
Bristol Blue
Terra Cotta

Kentile Salesman Sample Set of  Solid Colors Designer Palette Vinyl Tile No Date
Collection Jim Linderman

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Want to see a "smart" woman and "wise" woman put floors down the easy Kentile way?


  1. Howdy. Nice to meet ya and thanks so much for the link luv! But, hmmmmmm: "Trendy"? I'm not sure we're "trendy". We're, like, some kind of alternative universe opposite of trendy. Hmmmm. Howdy!

  2. I used to sell those fine products in high school.