Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


Hotpoint Man Head Sales Stimulator Designed by Joseph Kallus of Cameo and Kewpie designs Creepy

Hotpoint got their name from their first product, the electric iron in 1911.  The hottest point was the point.  They dicked around with General Electric for a while, but now it is fully owned by Indesit, an Italian company. 

I have no idea why Hotpoint had to sell to GE when their marketing was as good as the goon above…(snicker) but his name was "HOTPOINT MAN" and he dates to the 1930s.   They propped him up in stores to keep the kids busy while Mom and Dad bought modern appliances, and I think they sent a few home too. Gee...a doll you just couldn't help to love.

Hotpoint Man was designed by Joseph Kallus of Cameo and today he is pretty rare apparently, so i'll just make do here with his head.  Kallus was a sculptor and designer who is associated with the Kewpie doll.

 "In 1916 Kallus himself founded the Rex Doll Co. to produce composition Kewpie dolls, as supplies from Germany were halted by the war.  These dolls were distributed by Borgfeldt, who controlled all production rights to Kewpie dolls and figurines.  With permission from Borgfeldt, the Rex Doll Co. also made a line of composition Kewpie dolls that were distributed by the Tip Top Co., a distributor of carnival prizes." according to the website of the Cameo Doll Company

Well, the guy above ain't no Kewpie, so I guess Kallus could design cute AND creepy!

Believe it or not, and if you can believe Wikipedia, Hotpoint branded products are made by GE Consumer in Louisville, Kentucky.  In the United States!

Head of Hotpoint Man Composition sales stimulator doll circa 1930  Collection Jim Linderman

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