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Michigan Republican Rich Men Pass a Law Affecting your Daughter.

Without WANTING to enter the pathetic debate encouraged by Republican election tactical squads making women who already feel terrible about having a pregnancy terminated feel even WORSE by using their reproductive hard choices as a pawn in their efforts to keep rich white men in charge of our laws...here is a lovely homemade postcard mailed in 1905 I assume was used as a birth announcement.

The Republican House of Michigan passed a law last week requiring all fetal remains over 20 weeks be given a "proper burial" and that the cost be born by the woman who already feels terrible over the choice she had to make.

It requires all aborted fetuses after 8 weeks be buried, cremated or interred under exactly the same guidelines as any dead body. The cost of a burial or internment for an infant is an average of $4,600. The cost of cremation for an infant ranges from $250 to $400.  A fetus at 8 weeks is the size of a few paper clips. 

That's right.  The bill also makes any woman who has an abortion (be it your wife or your daughter) a criminal liable to prosecution if she has an abortion after 20 weeks.  It does not indicate the cost of hiring a lawyer to bail your daughter out of jail and defend her against charges (presumably murder) in court.  Would YOU like your daughter brought up on charges in a public court for having to have an abortion? 

There is stupid and there is stupider.  The wealthy Republican men in Michigan who voted to approve this bill fall well into the latter category, every single one of them, and anyone who votes for any of them does as well.  So does any Governor who would even consider for one second supporting or signing such a pinhead, ignorant, pathetic, shameful, obscene, hypocritical, ill-advised law.

Handmade Postcard 1905 collection Jim Linderman

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  1. You know, thank you. Sometimes I just wonder if men have the anger necessary to understand this. While listening to a lawyer last night talk about the women in the military who are being raped and ignored I sat in my chair steaming. Then I let go and said, "This will never change until the men in this country get angry about this."