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Quote and Credit


King of the Squirrels Sideshow Shooting Gallery Target Squirrel

My "King of the Squirrels" shooting gallery target comes courtesy Candler Arts, a fine web source for unusual American folk art, primitives and curiosities.  Run by Kevin Duffy, the site is always a visual treat.  The Candler Arts blog shows a wide variety of objects, consistently worth seeing, and the corresponding gallery offers select items for sale.  A good reason to look is posted now, as the wonderful sideshow "game of numbers" shown below is there now.

I bought King Squirrel as I have been overrun.  The house is surrounded by giant maple trees, and this seems to have been a particularly heavy season for helicopter seeds.  You know the kind.  Evolution designed them to twirl down to the ground slowly, whirling as they go, to provide the seed a soft landing.  They make a feast for squirrels.  They have become every bit as annoying as pigeons were to me in the city, but without wings.  Unlike pigeons, you see the young, and even they fly from tree to tree like tiny Tarzans with tails.  They can expect to live about six years...unless I get good here with King.

Early cast iron shooting gallery targets came in racks and this one has the original mount and cotter which held it on.  I suspect the KING tag is probably as that was the manufacturer or name of the touring carnival. 

Candler Arts blog is HERE and the.gallery is HERE
Game of Numbers Courtesy Candler Arts

Early 20th Century Cast Iron Shooting Gallery Target collection Jim Linderman

Dull Tool Dim Bulb books and Ebook downloads are HERE

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