Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


Spider Woman! Victorian Woman Caught in a Web (Bob Dylan Expecting Rain Basement Tapes Reid Miles)

I really do not know why early photographers thought it chic to use this web protective overlay, but several did.

Short post today...I've been working on a piece about Bob Dylan and the designer Reid Miles who did the Basement Tapes album jacket (as well as most of those beautiful and classic Blue Note Jazz covers)...if interested, see HERE.

I am really pleased that it was picked up by Expecting Rain, the primary source for all things Bob Dylan
and more...one of the best music sites on the web, and a daily stop for me without fail.

Less than exceptional victorian photograph with web overlay no date collection Jim Linderman

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  1. I have one with the spider web and it includes spiders. It's really quite pretty and delicate looking. I too have wondered WT????

  2. Was reading your Dylan blog, very nice, would comment there but it doesn't seem possible? Or perhaps I am dumb. Anyway, like your tone, like your rock history post, disagree about Street-Legal tour, I love the flute. My own books and Bob blog is www.notesfromtheidiotchild.blogspot.com
    Maybe you would be interested or maybe not.But if you think Dr.Seuss is vital check out my next post sometime soon. Thanks for the words. I'll be back.