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What does YOUR Swimming Suit Reveal? Summer 2010

It is SUMMER today. I am thrilled not only because I'm a summer boy...but that it is time to crank out new editions of my famous series "What Does Your Swimming Suit Reveal" ! (a favorite anywhere your laptop can, and will, get clogged with sand.) The first entry of the year includes not only the suit...but the entire HOUSE. A bathhouse to be specific. Anyone passing by can open the working door to reveal a postcard size image, in this case overdressed bathing beauties of 1905 being photographed by a "form fitting fan" with a camera. Some earlier "What Does Your Swimming Suit Reveal" entries are HERE...and as a BONUS I am including my favorite bathing suit snapshot of all time which proves that when real women have fun, they both perspire and sweat. HAPPY SUMMER.

Private Bath House Gag dated 1905 with inserted postcard Collection Jim Linderman

Untitled Anonymous Snapshot, circa 1950 Collection
Jim Linderman

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