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Nascar Hillbilly History and Branded Razor Logo Logic

Before Nascar and their abundance of logos, automobile racers were hillbilly moonshiners who had to outrun the law. They were so good at it, a billion dollar sport was born. I recently saw a Gillette commercial full of supposedly recognizable drivers, but as I'm not a fan or follower, I'm afraid none were familiar to me. I also use the generic house brand of razor. I might not know the drivers, but I do know the logos on their tunics do not come cheap, and the cost is passed along to the consumer faster than a turbo-charged machine. Check out the bearded dude shading his eyes to see the crash...the cars are going so fast, they've already left his line of vision.

Original Auto Race photograph, Anonymous. Circa 1965? Collection Jim Linderman

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  1. Never knew, or cared, about how Nascar got started until 6 years ago when I bought a vintage travel trailer from a good ol' girl from a little town in FL who told me all about the history of Nascar. Still am not interested in Nascar, but at least I know the history now!