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Quote and Credit


Charlie the Canco Robot Goes to Atlantic City

Canco makes an appearance at the National Canners Convention in 1950. The radio controlled giant, also known as "Prince Alloy Can" went to Atlantic City not to gamble or, despite how it looks, to "get a little." He went to advertise the housewives best friend, the tin can. No, cans are not tin. By now, you should be so used to the misnomers we've lived with all our lives, you should assume nothing is named correctly. The Tin Can is Steel. (And increasingly, Aluminum) Not only that, the early "tin" cans were sealed with Lead. In the U.K. "tin" cans are lined with Bisophenol A, which leeches into the food (and your child's head.) But he looks so LOVEABLE! Well, I guess.

While I am on the topic of misnomers...it seems they come in entire sentences as well! Next time you see that Toyota commercial which claims "we are spending a million dollars an hour to improve our technology" and "make our cars safe" what they mean to say is "we're fixing your brakes."

Charlie the Tin Can spokesrobot Original Press Photograph, 1950. Collection Jim Linderman

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