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Quote and Credit


Susan Ward Painter of Tiny Paintings and Dog Trainer

Once frightfully close to being a Williamsburg doofus hipster (by virtue of a giant storefront rental and yard right off the bridge and a pair of high-heel red boots) Susan Ward now resides in an area less hipster and much less doofus. On a broken farm with her husband Jason, a wood craftsman, and "Yia Yia" (along with some of the most extraordinary dogs you could ever imagine) she paints teeny, tiny, meticulous vibrant paintings. Each no larger than a few postage stamps. (Zoom OUT in this case) Most are self-portraits of a sort, but wonder dogs often figure prominently. She is one of those "outsiders" who isn't. That is to say, she studied art but managed to retain obsessiveness, a God-given talent and her dignity. She is also a bit askew, but then most artists are. One thing which separates her work from the hoards of painters in her neck of the wood (stock) is their size, of course...but she often manages to cram some serious messages into the miniscule work.

Susan also watched the towers fall. It didn't scar her physically, but it scared her. Her scars come more personal but no less dramatic encounters for an individual. A serious swatch of cancer which she emerged from through good grace and strength of character, a cringing bump to the brain, an exciting family life, the early loss of parents...all character building but none which she deserved. So a bit finds its way into her work with words. "What if I were the sick passenger" Indeed.

Susan is also a top-notch professional dog trainer who has been featured on TV (Animal Precinct and the Early Show). As one of her previous jobs was to determine which San Francisco shelter dogs were salvageable, she knows hard cases. Consequently, her own personal dogs are the most difficult animals you can find and train. She'll choose to raise an uncontrollable cattle dog in Manhattan, a blind, deaf and toothless chiuanna, A former breeding machine pug set free...and they are all the happier for it.

Susan exhibits around the area frequently. She also donates her desirable little paintings to animal fund-raisers and other good causes. Her work will be shown the first week of November (alongside notables such as Laurie Anderson, Ida Applebroog, Sue Coe, William Wegman, Bruce Weber and a dozen more) at the Art for Animals benefit in Spencertown, the poster is shown below her paintings. As is the case with nearly anything Ms. Ward supports, it's good. She will be happy to answer inquiries about her paintings (and maybe sell you one) at boxingpiggens@aol.com

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