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The OTHER Bob Dylan Christmas Album (!)

In the mid-1970's, around the time of Dylan's Blood on the Tracks album, tape traders and fans of bootleg records such as the Basement Tapes were frantic about a set of tracks rumored to be a Bob Dylan Christmas Album. It even had the title "Snow Over Interstate 80" and track listings. Not only that, it was rumored he also recorded "Silent Night" which was to be the single release. A good story, but alas, years later the truth came out (and so does his REAL Christmas album) New Musical Express, that Brit rag which thankfully brought us the fabulous Sex Pistols only to end up forcing the abysmal "New Romantics" fad on us a few years later are to blame. In 1975 they reportedly ran a false article, a hoax...and the full story is reprinted HERE on Searching for a Gem, the great fan-run Bob Dylan recordings site which covers his rare records. If you don't want to read the entire article, the "lyrics" to the title track follow:

"Arabella talks so sweetly
Her Chevy's broken down

As the snow piles on her windshield
Winston's back in town ... "

Doesn't sound so bad! And the new Christmas disc? Well...it's for charity. And since many songsters release a Christmas album the third or fourth year of their success, at least he waited this long. What's not to like? Except that it fails to include "Silent Night" so I'm still waiting. The REAL disc (and all the Dylan you could want) is at his official website HERE. However, Searching for a Gem probably knows more about his music than the label does. That's what fans are for, after all.

Jim Linderman
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  1. Tell us about the artist who drew the Dylan drawing above.

    And Happy Birthday, Jim.

  2. let's just say he is self-taught, and not very prolific.

  3. Jim, among many things, you are an excellent writer and I devour your blog daily. I am impressed at your deep knowledge of things within your niche... and I do want you to know that I appreciate the hard work you pour into your blogs.
    DTDB is my favorite. Thanks so much for what you do.