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Fury in Whittier Park! Vernacular Photographs of Motion Picture Making in the Early 1930's

Fury in Whittier Park? Actually, Fury in Malibou Lake, a place you've seen without even knowing it. These rare, original photographs were taken during the filming of "Fury in the Jungle" in 1933, a typical, disposable adventure yarn directed by Roy Neill, who would go on to direct, among many others, the Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes films, several Three Stooges shorts and even the noir classic Black Angel. No one of any great consequence acted in this film, at least as far as I can tell...but the STAR is the lake itself! In 1931, Boris Karloff as Frankenstein met the girl here. In The Bad Seed this was the location of the drowning scene. Chaplin filmed pieces of The Great Dictator here. In this potboiler, Malibou Lake became "Morongo, South America" and was filled with rubber alligators. Many of the photos here have notes describing the action being staged. Unusual historical content for a group of snaps!

Set of Original Snapshots of a Motion Picture Set, California, 1933 Collection Jim Linderman

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