Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


An American Hero, Salesman Sample, Lead Paint and MORE

Philip J. Landrigan, a fellow you won't recognize but one we should all thank. It was his research which "led" to banning "lead" from paint. The children he saved from impaired brains, kidneys, and more is countless. As if that wasn't enough, Landrigan has figured prominently in ALL of the following: Removing lead from gasoline. The banning of several lethal pesticides. Figuring out the Gulf War Veteran's Illness. Refusing to let the effect of asbestos in New Yorker's lungs following the World Trade Center attack be dismissed. (Having breathed in the burning WTC for 6 solid months, this one is of particular interest to me) The minimized and emasculated Environmental Protection Agency of George Bush attempted to say the particles were "too small" to do damage, but Landrigan showed that the smaller the asbestos particle, the more dangerous it was. He was instrumental in passing the Food Quality Protection Act of 1996. I could go on and on. This man is a hero. Needless to say, THIS is a man our children should look up to rather than some meathead beefcake baseball player on steroids.

But I digress. These see-through templates allowed one to preview house colors with the included color cards. Each set came in a leather case embossed with the Eagle Paint logo. The kids who come to my house in summer asking if I need a paint job (I do) don't bring nothing but an earnest pitch.

Set of Eagle Lead Paint "chips" with Transparent house templates Salesman Sample c. 1945. Collection Jim Linderman

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  1. I breathed that stuff too, in fact one of my parrots died a few weeks after 9/11 because his cage was next to an open window that morning. I'm in Soho and they swore everybody above Chambers, and then later, Canal, was safe. Liars Liars, pants on fires.