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Quote and Credit

Set of Handmade and Paint Decorated Folk Art Chairs


Nothing better to cheer up a man stuck in permanent winter than a folk art discovery. Two chairs here (from a set of four) I obtained over the weekend. They are from a bar in the "thumb" of Michigan. I only have room for two in the house, but the others will keep just fine in the garage until it warms up and I can use them on the porch. Dapple paint which looks like smoke decoration gives a subtle hint of the Michigan landscape around 1920, and the scallop tops provide just enough rustic feel without making me feel like I'm in a hunting lodge. Michigan is known for mid-century modern, this being Herman Miller country, but we have more than our share of woods. Creamy! Score!

Set of Folk Art handmade chairs, circa 1920 Eastern Michigan. Collection Jim Linderman.

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