Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


Christmas Abundance Vintage Scrapbook of Die-Cut Stickers

Christmas Abundance Vintage Scrapbook of Die-Cut Stickers Circa 1935 - 1950  
Collection Jim Linderman

Miniature Clay Antique Boot Folk Art and the First Santa Toy

Miniature clay boot created circa 1900 by the American Marble and Toy Company in Akron, Ohio. Little more than one inch tall, and produced by the thousands.  My understanding has always been that the factory burned down at some time and boxes of the tiny toys of clay were dug from the ruins.  Sure enough, according to the website American Toy Marble Museum  "...on one unlucky day in 1904, thirteen years after it had been incorporated, The American Marble & Toy Manufacturing Company burnt to the ground. This unfortunate event appeared, to some young pilferers, to be a great day for marble collectors: the next morning, every little boy in Akron came down to scavenge and fill his pockets with marbles. This was no play ground, far from being a safe place for such innocent children to be hanging (and looting) about. The police were called in to keep these treasure hunters from unlawfully appropriating the marbles, and soon after, the city ordered the charred remains of the factory to be buried."

Interestingly, the factory was also responsible for the very first SANTA CLAUS toy!  The little fella, known as "Blue Santa" was dug up in 2009...you can hear the story on NPR HERE, and the picture is taken from the BLUE SANTA AND FRIENDS site which provides the full story.

Tiny Stoneware Boot circa 1900 Collection Jim Linderman
Courtesy Natalie Curley Antiques.

Frat House Freeze! Ice and Snow Sculpture from Maine 1939 Vernacular Photographs

See also the Book (and ebook) In Situ: American Folk Art in Place available now.
Ice and Snow Sculpture from Maine 1939 Vernacular Photographs. From the Facebook site BOX LOT.

Self-Taught Naive Memory Painter Emily Lunde Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas drawing samples from the hand of Emily Lunde.  Like Grandma Moses, I suppose, Emily Lunde was "self-taught" "naive" and a "primitive" but as far as marketing was concerned, maybe not so much. As you can see from these sketches (and samples) for her paintings...they were carbon copies the artist embellished with ink later.  These were done not long after the Museum of American Folk Art Encyclopedia of 20th Century Folk Art and Artists was published.  Perhaps that book brought her far more attention than she ever had, and she resorted to painting "Greatest Hits."

The drawings were mailed to a patron (not me) in 1991. At that time, she estimated having painted some 1,000 paintings.  She passed on in 2007, so there was likely time for plenty more.

Three hand drawn and "blueprint" drawings by Emily Lunde 1991
Collection Jim Linderman

Bill Alexander, African-American Illustrator 78 rpm Record Labels for Roy Milton

Bill Alexander went on to be an illustrator for Eerie magazine, but I have a penchant for his early work illustrating record labels for Jazz and Blues great Roy Milton in the late 1940s and early 1950s.
Bill Alexander Illustrated Record Labels for 78rpm recordings Collection Jim Linderman

Antique Folk Art Drawing Man with a Beard Georgia 1888 Drawn on Envelope

Antique Folk Art Drawing "Man with a Beard and Hat" Georgia"  Dated on reverse 1888 Drawn on an envelope.
Collection Jim Linderman
See also the book from Blurb ECCENTRIC FOLK ART DRAWINGS by Jim Linderman available in paperback or affordable instant ebook from Blurb.

42nd Street looking West 1949 from the book TIMES SQUARE SMUT

42nd Street looking West original snapshot 1949 from the book TIMES SQUARE SMUT
Collection Jim Linderman
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How to Draw Curves with a Straight Line Erotic Etched Drafting Triangle

How to Draw Curves with a Straight Line?  I guess use this large (18" tall) Triangle drafting tool.  Etched and Inked by hand!  Our draftsman had something on his mind other than work.  Maybe a new tattoo?

Hand-etched erotic Drawing / Drafting Triangle.  Collection Jim Linderman

Best Dogs Hand-Painted Turn of the Century Scrapbook with Canine Cut-Ups

Hand-Painted Turn of the Century Scrapbook with Canine Cut-Ups.  No Date, circa 1920, I believe collected and collaged by a young girl.  Collection Jim Linderman

Antique Folk Art Mermaid Carving Sculpture Maritime Sailor Made Folk Art

Antique Folk Art Mermaid Carving Sculpture.  Sailor Made Maritime Folk Art.  Late 19th, Early 20th century.  Driftwood.  
Collection Jim Linderman 

Concrete African-American Man Flower Pot Decoration

Concrete African-American Man Flower Pot Decoration, made in a mold and painted by hand.  No date.