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Quote and Credit


Self-Taught Naive Memory Painter Emily Lunde Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas drawing samples from the hand of Emily Lunde.  Like Grandma Moses, I suppose, Emily Lunde was "self-taught" "naive" and a "primitive" but as far as marketing was concerned, maybe not so much. As you can see from these sketches (and samples) for her paintings...they were carbon copies the artist embellished with ink later.  These were done not long after the Museum of American Folk Art Encyclopedia of 20th Century Folk Art and Artists was published.  Perhaps that book brought her far more attention than she ever had, and she resorted to painting "Greatest Hits."

The drawings were mailed to a patron (not me) in 1991. At that time, she estimated having painted some 1,000 paintings.  She passed on in 2007, so there was likely time for plenty more.

Three hand drawn and "blueprint" drawings by Emily Lunde 1991
Collection Jim Linderman

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