Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


Original Hand Drawn Rebus Parlor Cards Game 19th Century HARD

Original hand drawn REBUS cards dated 1895.  From a large set.  VERY hard to solve, but I will give you the first one...Bonaparte.  Collection Jim Linderman 

Antique Folk Art Primitive Black Hawk Weathervane

Antique Folk Art Primitive Weathervane apparently based on the Black Hawk model. 19th century, Original paint with hand painted embellishment of flowers.  28 inches long.  
Collection Jim Linderman

Frank Carmichael and his Stable Ft. Worth Pimp and Prostitute Mug Shot Set Human Trafficking Texas Style

Frank Carmichael and his prostitutes, one of whom is his wife Johnye Faye Carmichael.  She was arrested at least twice, two years apart.  Also shown is Matilda Tingle.  Human Trafficking Texas Style.   Original Mug Shots 1955 - 1957 Collection Jim Linderman. 

Vintage Fashion Drawings by Gerry Van Hovel

Geraldine Van Hovel was born in 1933 and made these drawings as a young teenager in Ohio.  Several members of her family were adept artists.  She eventually became a kindergarten teacher in Salem, Ohio and married notable artist and cartoonist Edmund (Ed) Sullivan jr. who drew cartoons for the Saturday Evening Post and other magazines.  

Circa 1945 - 1947 Fashion Drawings (and snapshot of the artist at work) Collection Jim Linderman

19th Century Folk Art Remembrance Drawing Urn of Flowers Antique Folk Art Momento

As the note reads: Drawn by a little boy for (?) when she went to school.  
19th Century Folk Art Drawing. Collection Jim Linderman

African-American Yard Art Photographs taken by Jim Linderman

Southern African-American Yard Art by Robert Howell, J. P Scott and Royal Robertson.  Photographs by Jim Linderman circa 1990 - 1993. 

Pair of Matching Antique Folk Art Painted Trade Signs Maine circa 1920 Collection Jim Linderman

Pair of Matching Antique Folk Art Painted Trade Signs  Maine circa 1920 Collection Jim Linderman. The only time I have seen a FLOOR SANDER in a folk art painting or an advertisement for same.   Both for a Maine painter and contractor.

Bill Guernsey's Pinup Painted Duffel Bag Pacific Theater of World War Two

More than a handful of cartoonists, animators and artists of the 20th century got their start painting on duffel bags during World War Two.  They often traded their skills for cigarettes and other essentials.  We will likely never know who painted the pinup on Wild Bill's bag, but he did a fair job.  Bill Guernsey kept track of his travels on the bag, and his visits to unfamiliar islands read like an index to the Pacific.  From Guadalcanal to Guam.  

Interestingly, the duffel bag continued being a part of popular culture after the war.  Surviving soldiers who stayed in the Pacific after serving their country took up surfing, and the bags were soon as much associated with the sport as the war. 

Hand painted and decorated World War Two Duffel Bag, circa 1940 Collection Jim Linderman

The Giant Folk Art Duck Sculpture

Real Photo Postcard depicts the ORIGINAL black duck statue in Black Duck, MN.  The one standing now is a replacement, but this fellow was first.  He was replaced with a "better" one in 1942.  RPPC circa 1930 Collection Jim Linderman

South Road Art and Antiques Susan Wechsler Color and Whimsy

The colorful objects shown all come from the inventory of Susan Wechsler, a seller of objects from beautiful to funky.  You'll see this color and excitement from South Road Art and Antiques all the time...Susan attributes her sensibility to growing up in the seaside carnival environment of Ashbury Park, NJ.   Susan selected a few wonderful pieces to share for this post.

Susan Wechsler is the former director of Photosearch Inc., a photo editing firm that specialized in art, history, and popular culture.  Artist, art critic, author and specialist in contemporary American ceramics, she also taught at Parsons The New School for Design, and in the Cooper Hewitt Masters Program in the History of Decorative Arts and Design.  Her professional life helped hone her eye for art and objects with graphic appeal and direct, honest beauty.  As you can see, she favors whimsical, sometimes nostalgic but always authentic heartfelt creations of folks gone by as well as recent works by prominent self-taught artists.
In addition to her elegant barn/gallery in the Hudson Valley, Susan sells in shops and does shows in the Northeast.  The SOUTH ROAD ART and ANTIQUES WEBSITE is a place I visit regularly. 

Large Civil War era Antique Folk Art Whirligig Sculpture Collection Jim Linderman

Large Civil War era Antique Folk Art Whirligig Sculpture According to the seller?

"My grandfather lived near Louisville, Kentucky. In 1971 he was visiting a neighbors residence when they were tearing down an old barn that was built around 1890. When they pried up the floorboards, this whirligig was found under the floor. The family who owned the barn said they thought it was possibly used during the civil war. They said troops would build these and put them up around land where the troops were to make it seem like there were more soldiers in the area than there really were. Whether the story is true, who knows."

Regardless, this is one old and gigantic whirligig.  The body (a log once) is over 30 inches.  With the considerable wear, it makes me wonder about the "19th century" whirligigs and how long they stayed outside.  The figure here has virtually no paint left, several staples around the lips which likely held a moustache...and of course one paddle entirely gone.
Collection Jim Linderman

World War Two Handmade Stamp Corsage Savings Stamps Folk Art

Folk art handmade corsage.  Defense postal savings stamps were issued in 1941 featuring the statue of "Minuteman" by David French which stands in Concord, MA.  The ten cent stamps were redeemable for War Bonds issued by the Treasury.  This handmade corsage is made of nine  stamps (each ten cents) with red, white and blue leaves cut from paper and string stamens.  Originally, corsages were thought to ward off evil.  These did…they raised funds to fight Hitler.

World War Two Postal Stamp Handmade corsage.  Circa 1941.  Collection Jim Linderman

The Good Ship New York Antique Folk Art Sculpture

Folk Art sculpture.  The Good Ship New York is circa 1890 and is three feet long.
Folk Art Ship Model with original paint.  Collection Jim Linderman

Old Folk Art PIgs on Broomsticks Parade Staffs

Pair of old folk art pigs on broomstick parade staffs.  Circa 1930.  Children's parade animals.  Each 40 inches long.  Painted cloth with repairs.  See also Jim Linderman BOOKS The Birth of Rock and Roll and more.

Old Folk Art Hand Painted Wooden Signs Antique Collection Jim Linderman

A Pair of early 20th C. (circa 1920) painted by hand folk art signs advertising F. E. Slater's store.  The signs were preserved by being used as shelves in a cupboard for nearly 100 years.  Four pieces, total size of the two signs is 42" x 24". They were likely topped with "distance indicators"  before being placed near the road.
Western Michigan origin.  Collection Jim Linderman

See also Jim Linderman BOOKS The Birth of Rock and Roll and more.

Old Folk Art KING KONG IN CHAINS Carving Sculpture Circa 1935 Collection Jim Linderman

Old Folk Art KING KONG IN CHAINS Carving Sculpture Circa 1935.  The stop motion model seems to have stopped for good...but I've yet to see much better in the films generated by computers these days.  Kong was a huge film and inspired an anonymous carver to lock him up for good. Collection Jim Linderman

Handmade Folk Art Saw Axe and Log

Handmade Folk Art Saw Axe and Log.  Fraternal piece?  Large paperweight?  Award?  Entirely made by hand (forged) with portion of a hacksaw for saw.  Collection Jim Linderman