Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


Three Begging Bears Snapshots Collection Jim Linderman

No comment here, really. I could tell you the story of being chased by a bear, which is true...but these photos are just too depressing. I will say for all you hikers out there, the key is to run DOWNHILL...bears don't run so well going down, but they excel at running up.

Pair of Bear snapshots No Dates Both Collection Jim Linderman

Mary Gibney Artist and Collector Mugshots and the Library

One of the tenents of librarianship is privacy. It's why I love librarians...you can ask them ANYTHING and they won't spill the beans. Privacy, the right which we have almost given away for free (witness the growth of Facebook, where one is asked to indicate their "status" on a minute by minute basis for advertisers and anyone else, including divorce lawyers, to plunder). Trust me, all those status updates will come back and chew you a new one someday.

Librarians used to only very, very reluctantly give up circulation records to the feds, even Oswald's! But today folks willingly click "I am reading so and so" instead of keeping their knowledge quests private. For librarians, a noble profession with noble rules, intellectual freedom was paramount.

For decades the only bugaboo in the library privacy record was the checkout card. Anyone could see who else read the book, or at least carried it home. My mother, herself a junior high librarian in her day, used to say every book she checked out had my name on the card. He said modestly. Eh...there were no books about Marxism in the junior high anyway, I found those in high school. Today, I am trying hard to fill my kindle so I can justify buying the new one.

These lovely relics come to me from artist Mary Gibney, and they come with a good story. I received an email from Mary about my recent post of mug shots. It is always nice to receive notes with comments and such, but this one was different. It came from an artist who PAINTS mug shots! I can get behind that...how many cool ideas are left, after all? Mary Gibney found one, and she is doing a good job with it.

Ms. Gibney and I exchanged a few pleasantries, and that she had this collection of library checkout cards came up...so I finagled a few for the blog. They are lovely and odd, and I can't thank Mary enough for sharing. She also has an overdue notice for Victorian potboiler "The Magnificent Ambersons" which is surprising as the filmed version is so, so much better. At least the first three minutes of it. (Seriously!) Why anyone would struggle with the book when an Orson Welles masterpiece is available is beyond me.

I have also cribbed a handful of Gibney's splendid mug shot work. She really deserves a post of her own here, and one day I hope to.

Gibney has a long exhibition history HERE and seems to be doing quite well selling her work. As you can see, the mugshots are done of both celebs and regular mugs, and she has also done a series of works based on the faces shot by Weegee.
Gibney is a Minneapolis artist, cyclist, library worker (ah HA!) and collector of odd objects, scraps and castoffs. As becomes an artist, she has a statement.

"I rely on intuition, mixing up, shapely objects, found bits and ephemera, the arcane and the obsolete, mistakes and fortunate convergences. I am fascinated by mugshots, anonymous faces and abandoned photos which I use to make portraits of unknown people. Other inspirations are maps, children's encyclopedia illustrations, paint color chips, sideshow art and theatrical illusions, old toys and unnecessary objects, handwritten signs, ads from old Popular Mechanics and Ladies Home Journals and mid-20th century illustrations of the wonderful future."

Mary Gibney Website HERE

Vintage Library Circulation Cards collection Mary Gibney Paintings by Mary Gibney Private Collections

Jim Linderman books and Ebooks HERE

Good Hope Baptist Church No website

There are numerous Good Hope Baptist Churches, of course, and some of them seem to have state of the art, big budget websites...but somehow I think I would be more comfortable in this place having a chat with the preacher and learning a few things.

Original Snapshot 1960 Location Unknown Collection Jim Linderman

ALSO POSTED ON THE BLOG old-time-religion HERE

Books and Ebooks by Jim Linderman Orders HERE

Roadside Indigenous Giants Attract Passersby Vernacular Photograph Antique American Indian Art

If I had worked two months or so on a blanket to sell at this shop, it would certainly be disheartening to drop it off for my puny commission. Although it did literally take from 2 months to a year for a Navajo rug to be produced, or created rather...as that seems far more appropriate...the going "rate" around 1850 was fifty dollars. Today, a well-made rug may be worth $400 or more. Still, way too cheap. The examples here, if you can get past the visitors and their insulting big friends, look like nice ones to me.

Anonymous snapshot (Roadside "Native American" Sculptures at Trading Post) circa 1950 Collection Jim Linderman

Jim Linderman Interview in The Bund Chinese Lifestyle, Art, Fashion Magazine

The Bund is a beautiful (TRULY beautiful) High-fashion / style / art / lifestyle weekly magazine published in Shanghai, China, and you will most certainly be surprised if you take the time to browse the current online edition HERE. The Jim Linderman interview is HERE in the issue of March 15, 2012. The circulation of The Bund has grown to 450,000 paid subscribers, and a flip though the online edition will show why. Lovely!

Niea Gu, Senior Fashion Editor did the with interview considerable grace and style.

Some of the introductory material was adapted from the recent New York Times article of 2/12/02, and the interview portion follows along with samples of things I have discussed in the blogs over the years. The Article translation (which is simply charming...what can I say?) follows based on the Google translate service. I have discovered some striking phrases from the translation I could not have created on my own but love, and believe me, this is one of the greatest honors of my life.

This is also a true experiment for me. I have no idea how many citizens will read this or have access to it. But it is lovely, fascinating and splendid. That I am able to play even this very, very small part of bringing together two great lands is an honor I never thought would be possible. Thank You The Bund. I am truly honored.

POP CULTURE MINER (Introductory Text based in NYT article)

Jim Linderman, may be the world's coolest book file administrator. Although he has retired, but looking for something, and his ability to still no one can, and still bored. His collection of all the bits and pieces of American folk art and popular culture, they are popular enough, but also interesting enough. Tens of thousands of his collections, as large as sculpture, as small as a postcard, all cheap. As he himself puts it: "I have no money to buy Andy Warhol, so I'm always looking for the poor 'Warhol,'.

Jim Linderman, accustomed to get up early every day, give yourself a cup of coffee, then turn on the computer to update the blog. He wrote not a morning news current affairs reporting or celebrity gossip, but those old, forgotten the wonderful things. Mr. 58-year-old Linderman is an art collector, most recently, his achievements even by the attention and coverage of the New York Times. He was living the small town of Lake Michigan, Grand Haven, when the lifetime of the Book File Manager. Identity mix sounds a little strange, and his collection: a variety of interesting bits and pieces of American folk art and popular culture. "I always collect a number of unusual, strange things do not fly." He said.

In 2008, he has set up three blog - Dull, Tool Dim Bulb, the Old Time Religion and the Vintage Sleaze - used to display and describe their favorites. As an all-encompassing network flea market is full of novelty is convulsed amazed found. On the blog, he will dig out the story behind every piece of the collection, and his right, as if a magical secret passageway leading to the past for the reader to open.

 Mr. Linderman, the blog is always an unexpected manner makes an eye-opener, for example, you know the pianist in the 1930s Baldy Wetzel, a record 48.5 hours of uninterrupted play record? Have you ever heard advertised himself as "hated woman world champion in the 1940s folk artists Albion, Clough,? Have you ever seen American porn comic Tijuana, Bibles "(Tijuana Bible).? As a senior File Manager, he loves books and writing in the past three years, he not only write a blog every day, also published a book of 14 content, the majority of their own money to publication. His latest book is called "the mysterious old photos (Vintage Photographs in of arcane Americana), a collection of his collection" the most bizarre photos ", such as the ventriloquism strippers. While his most famous publication was undoubtedly the 2009 Grammy Best Historical Album "nomination" take me to go in the water "(Take Me to the Water), although the book is only a thin 95, but a collection of 75 old photos of Christian water baptism scene, but also comes with an old gospel song LP.

Linderman Mr. lived in Manhattan for 28 years until 2008, was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) before deciding to move out of New York with his wife, Jenna, back to his hometown of Grand Haven breath of fresh air. Since then, he started writing a blog, in his words, "In order to give myself a bunch of digital footprint."

1980 the beginning of the year to Manhattan, Mr. Linderman, the first job is an international The discography finishing rock punk kind of music, and later worked in CBS's "60 Minutes" program and the evening news, as well as the BBDO advertising agency as file tidying up. Spare time, he launched an extraordinary collection of career. He has hundreds of Bob Dylan's private system of records, a few thousand copies of the book of John - John F. Kennedy assassination conspiracy theory. Dylan's fans, President Kennedy, he fell does not care who is assassinated. "I just love the books of such print-out in her garage. Those guys interested in UFOs, will also discuss the JFK incident but then no one will go to collect their masterpiece." He said.

In particular, he favored the self-taught artists, especially in the mostly South American artists and African artists. He gave the South African artist Howard Finster, write to discuss the painting, the other replied, "OK, ah, please send sheets check over." So he sent a check for $ 10, then really received a painting. He went to the southern United States Travel, met a lot of crazy and interesting painter, they put in front of his house to sell the painting, he was almost accept. "I have no money to buy Andy Warhol, so I'm always looking for the poor 'Warhol,'". He said.

Comical collectors 
 Mr. Linderman three blog "Vintage Sleaze" is the most popular. This blog is mainly a poster girl on his collecting research on the 1950s and 1960s male publications. Camera Club Girl "(Camera Club, Girls), a book, he tells the Harlem jazz singer Cass Carr anecdotes - in the early 1950s, she has organized a bold outdoor photo tour, participating members, including designed to beat the legendary crime scene photographer Weegee, and the wound has not yet been made a star of "Playboy" magazine sexy stunner of Bettie Page. Later, this group of people caught in a farm in suburban New York when shooting is to photograph the nude was illegal.

These little-known variety of baby from where? Mr. Linderman said that he usually drove to the not too far away from home more than a dozen antique market, see the story of stuff "will be shot. He also frequents eBay, looking for photos and prints, especially useful. Old photos of the Christian water baptism mentioned previously, almost all from eBay Go to flea markets to find a photo, you have to turn one year old shoebox. "He said on eBay may be a month will be able to procure. He collected all kinds of strange objects: "Diddley Bow" (a structure like stringed guitar, West African homemade blues musical instruments), hand-made slingshots, toy bulldozers, antique kimonos, Indian raw leather small bag ... once fell in love with a things, he will be blown out, until one day are tired, it sold, traded or donated out, and then find a new target. Before you move out of New York, Mr. Linderman, his collection of religious baptism photo, left Manhattan International Center of Photography last year, the latter on this theme organized an exhibition. He donated a Victorian-style slide is also the center included in the exhibition program. Center for Brian Wallis' praise in visual culture, "he has done is unprecedented, he excavated treasures at the edge of the popular culture, which requires a collect talent, but he is the world's greatest collection. always pay attention to strange things, and constantly come up with fun new ideas. "

 When asked about favorite era", Mr. Linderman, said, "This is really a strange question to me and everyone else can not do without the Internet. "Today, his blog click-through rate has been close to 2 million, which was unimaginable before the arrival of the digital age. "Of course, I miss the past years are sincere and reliable," he then said, "We always appreciate losing before, so we really should take the time to appreciate those around simple small things, because one day, they will disappear. technology is very beautiful, but a child, my night to listen to the radio very happy, and now the same child is afraid I do not think so, they have much choice ... However, I still think radio great. "

Whew! Interview follows:

B = "Bund" 
 J.L = Jim Linderman
B: You also wrote three blog, why? JL: I first began to write Dull, Tool, Dim Bulb, used to share my collection of strange photos and articles, this blog open for four years, has been updated over 1000. I will be regarded as the main blog, even though the other two seem to be more popular. Then I opened the Old-Time Religion, every Saturday night, I would choose a religion class from Dull, Tool, Dim Bulb, strange pictures posted up. Because over the weekend in the United States, some people are used to "crazy one", then go to church on Sunday morning repentance some. So I started on Saturday night posted one and church-related photos, so those guys wake up the next morning you can see, gradually developed into a new blog, a book. Dull, Tool, Dim Bulb original intention is to demonstrate to those who have been forgotten art form, unusual creation and the United States in the past some odd figure. Every now and then, I will introduce some of my respected artists and photographers, almost every one will be coupled with after years of a strange collection of articles or photos. I think, to write something it is necessary to its familiar enough with the job, is to personally in his hand playing experience. This is also my blog and other blog differences, I wrote every thing can be found shoebox yard behind me. Vintage Sleaze is a late start, but it is the highest page views. I found his collection there are many old photos of the "immoral", similar to the 1950s, men to buy sexy magazine. This is a category of popular culture rarely documented mention of everyone's basement can be dug out a few, but very few talk about. So I think the Vintage Sleaze to show their comical, although sexy, but also harmless, but also reveals some silly. Subscribe to this blog's women less than men, which made me very proud. 50 years ago "dirty pictures" very cute, and do this trip - those models, illustrators, writers, publishers - also very interesting, they walk the edge of the law, doing challenging and the sense of accomplishment. Every time I write their stories, laugh at least once. I like the challenge.

B: How often updated blog? JL: I as far as possible every day at least update a blog, sometimes three will be updated. Write an article or photo, I want to investigate for several days. I tried to proceed from each photo or article, write a thesis on the history. I work with a humorous tone to write. I like the ease and the pursuit of serious and precise at the same time, entertainment is also very important. I try to like reporters to remain objective, but occasionally melt into his own point of view. I always hope that your article can become a starting point of the in-depth study of other scholars. All these years I dig out the thousands of stories, I think every one deserves to be written in a book. Someday, the scholars will be curious about who this guy write Dull, Tool, Dim Bulb! Than a writer, I also see themselves as a visual artist, of course, have to depend on the readers' opinions.
B: Your collection must be very considerable, they account for where it is? JL: they just seem more than is good, because most of them are photos and paper, not of space. My house has not been large, but in good order. The collection is concentrated in a small room, one of the few big-ticket items (such as sculpture and handmade furniture) are placed into the garage or basement, all these years, many of the big guy has been I sold, replaced, or otherwise share out. I used to put a few special things in their own front, I like to see them at any time. The thing is not necessarily the bigger the better, little things often a vast reservoir of energy.
B: your collection is to spend money? JL: my life is a book file manager, no money. My favorites is the sense of smell, not like a child is eight by collectors as no money, but also buy the "excellent" work of art. I want to prove that everyone can gather to wonderful things, many small stones, and many nest, or transistor radios. Anything, as long as you allow them to became a scale through a lot, organize and share, they allow others to see their beauty, this is the collection. Although the whole process very time-consuming, but it does not cost money.

B: You grew like to collect things? JL: Yes, like any little boy, I also collect stamps and baseball cards, but then I made a solemn decision: a collection of things that others do not collection! It makes me feel different, I once again received attention for those who have been forgotten and ignored.
B: Do you think the librarian how the job? JL: I like the librarian job is that it allows me to be made now, this is one of the most remarkable career. A good librarian can equally help to anyone, regardless of the guests what to look for books, he can provide the services without the subjective judgment, encountered the controversial subject matter, he would know how to take into account, always harbor respected. Librarian every day to learn new knowledge, and ability to use their knowledge to help others people great satisfaction.
B: Do you collect things related to American popular culture, in this field who idolized? JL: I love Bob Dylan, because he was well received by the image of American culture. I also appreciate the southern United States, a painter named David Bates, depicting rural America a huge work, bright colors, humorous, and full of respect. However, the majority of my collection are anonymous works, the author has long been time to annihilation. I especially like the amateur for, like all mortal beings. From one work to dig out a piece of history or an artist is a great sense of accomplishment.

Little Tommie or Little Lonnie Plays for Ronnie Honky Tonk Baby Bass

Little Tommie rocks the stage! I am going to guess Little Tommie's mommy signed the photo to Ronnie. As it is the first day here which will reach 70 degrees, I am also going to guess Little Tommie's name is Little Tommie. It MIGHT be Little Lonnie, so I am putting both in the title. I would rather be outside watching daffodils grow than trying to find out if Tommie did.

If any of you were in the audience and can ID this little honky tonker, please fill me in. Winner gets a t-shirt (really)

I am going to guess West coast, which means I am also going to guess Bakersfield.

Original Photograph Little Tommie and his Little Bass, signed. circa 1950?
Collection Jim Linderman


Man Down ! Reclining Man Tintype collection Jim Linderman

Too bad we can't read the paper in shocked man's hand.

Original Tintype photograph, circa 1880 Collection Jim Linderman

Pink or Blue Becomes You Baby Photographs in Blue and Pink

Consider the number of baby photographs out there. Pause for a second and do some math.

Pair of original studio photographs, Hand-Tinted circa 1940 Collection Jim Linderman

Vernacular Architecture Stump House Kind Two Views

Two Views (of a two room house with view!) Stump House of Washington. First pic a photo with dimensions (18 feet) and the other a Real Photo Postcard with inhabitants.
Both collection Jim Linderman

Mrs. Labelle and her Giant Papier Mache Heads Stephen Milanowski Photographer



While the site here may seem to be about photos, art and antiques, It is actually about stories. I'd like to consider myself a visual artist of sorts, one who uses things to tell stories.

There may be no better combination of "thing and story" than this one, and it comes to me courtesy master photographer Stephen Milanowski, who fortunately got in touch after I posted a big head. I found MY big head in the rafters of an antique store in Spring Lake, Michigan, where it cried out to me for several years before I took him down, talked THEM down (in price) and took him home. I posted the big baby HERE.

Imagine my surprise when I received a splendid present in the mail. A substantial and beautiful catalog from the Museum of Modern Art, their 2012 Appointment Calendar. Mr. Milanowski has a photo in the book, one which is in the MOMA permanent collection.

Nice as the book is, the card enclosed is what surprised me! Same scale, same surface, same curious holes in the head...My big baby had a FATHER and he had his portrait taken by an artist.

Mr. Milanowski (who has a splendid website HERE with some serious examples of his work over the years) later took the time to tell me the story. If you deal with the kind of material I love, the story is frequently as important as the object..and this is a good one.

I'll let Stephen tell it in his own words.

"How the Hell indeed. Some time ago, I believe on a FB posting of yours...I happened to notice, purely by chance, a snapshot of you in a den-like room, presumably in your home--and this snapshot showed you in that room with some of your collection...and I suddenly notice partly seen, in the corner of your room...Mrs. Labelle's Papier Mache Head. The Head I Photographed. And, my question was...How the Hell did Jim get his hands on Mrs. Labelle's Head?"

"The short version: before my wife and I & children moved to Madison, we lived in East Grand Rapids (my home town) for many years. On our street in EGR there lived a goofy old lady who, when I was introduced to her--I realized that she was the girls gym teacher and drama teacher at my High School--Catholic Central. I was introduced to her on her front porch...and I could tell that her house was worth being nosy about...I could see rampant pink everywhere in the interior--just by looking through the porch windows. When I then told her that I was an alum of the HS where she long taught (though then she was long retired)--she immediately invited me in--and I could tell this house was going to be a photographer's paradise. Mrs. Labelle gave me a tour...even into her basement...and it was there that she kept at least these 3 great and ancient papier mache Mardi Gras- style heads that she had long ago made for some drama class at Catholic Central. I flipped when I saw them and immediately asked if I could borrow them for photography; she said yes...and there you are."

"Every year in our neighborhood she would put the heads out on her porch for Halloween night. I should have asked her right then and there if she would sell them to me...but I could tell that she was quite attached to them."

"What I assume happened next is this--we later moved to Madison, she eventually died...and someone either got them in an estate sale...or they ended up in an antique store. And somewhere along the line...the head presented itself to you. Fill me in on the rest of the story."

"By the way--the promo card I sent you is also a Head by Mrs. Labelle."

Stephen Milanowski also has work in the collections of the National Gallery of Art, The Houston Museum of Fine Arts, The High Museum of Art and the Polaroid Collection. His Facebook page is HERE

The Museum of Modern Art Store (which is the finest shop for gifts in Manhattan) is HERE

Mrs. Labelle's Big Head Collection Jim Linderman

Article "Proto-Porn from the 1950s" by Jim Linderman

NOTE: The following is an article I wrote which was just published at Sugarcut Magazine. Sugarcut is THE premier erotic art and photography site, and I thought some of the camera and visual arts folks who follow Dull Tool Dim Bulb might enjoy seeing it without clicking onto a NSFW site! If you DO want to see the original article on Sugarcut, you can find it, and it has 25 illustrations in a slide show.

Proto-Porn from the 1950S

By Jim Linderman
6 March 2012

Shown is a wide-angle lens full of vintage camera club pinup digests from the early 1950s. Long ignored progenitors of pinup pulchitrude! It was illegal to sell nude photographs in the Eisenhower days, but some enterprising and greedy shutterbug gahoots found a way around the law, frequently in cahoots with the guys downtown, if you know what I mean.

“Figure Study” publications for the artist and photographer!

These obscure digests were all purportedly aimed at the burgeoning nude photography hobbyist, or at least they claimed to be. They were available under the counter or through the mail, at least until Uncle Sam got wise. The models, some famous (Blaze Starr, Judy O’Neal, Bettie Page and many more) were pulled from burlesque routes and strip clubs…others were amateurs who replied to ads. There are no less than five devoted to Ms. Page alone from various publishers. All are hard to find today. Each is now over 50 years old… and since they were published in small editions by phony companies, then carried by trunk and hand to the shop, few survive today. Many have no return address or date. Shop owners priced them at what they thought the risk was worth.

The models in these “proto-porn” periodicals never had pudenda or pubes. The photographs were black and white, and each digest-sized booklet ran from 20 to 50 pages. The colorful covers belie the blurry pages inside. The men behind the camera were seldom identified, but with care and a loupe, one can often identify the photographer’s swinging pads from the wall decorations and curtain designs.

Who was responsible for these stroke books masquerading as figure studies for photographers? At least one series was produced by a later prominent publisher of fetish pinup periodicals. Others came from a husband and wife team living in Midtown Manhattan a few doors down from Bettie Page, and a big load from a mysterious photographer with a Florida address…a sunny address he began using after apparently thinking the city up north was “too hot” and left Brooklyn behind. Nearly all were published in series, but a complete set is unheard of.

The books are today relics of days gone by. Despite history books which credit Hugh Hefner with starting the modern revolution in nude photography, not to mention sexual mores, it was a dozen independent small presses with moxie (and buxie) with a few mob-connections who got the balls rolling.

Jim Linderman is an author, collector and editor of the daily blog VINTAGE SLEAZE. This group of original “Figure Study” digests come from the author’s collection and date circa 1950 – 1955. Vintage Sleaze the daily blog is HERE.

Vintage Sleaze

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I've Been Working on the Railroad (In China with Warren) Folk Art Railroad Men

Another pair of honest. hard working guys (see post of yesterday) but today our worker class members are tin articulated railroad men. Bonus below is Warren Buffet singing the song to the Chinese.

Tin articulated toy, circa 1900? Collection Jim Linderman


Looks like Warren is getting better along with the rest of the world than some Republicans I know. Railroads are good here too...one can move tons freight with a few gallons of gas and without the diesel pollution. Warren seems to have the right idea.

Derogatory for Mechanic, Wearing the Evidence of their Labors on their Clothes Grease Monkeys, Greasy Big Petroleum and JOBS

A pair of grease monkeys. By the way, I might have thought of a way to help with the unemployment situation. Require all gas stations to have one or two guys there to pump your gas. There are some 150,000 gas stations in the United States, putting two guys on the pumps would eliminate a week's worth of unemployment claims, and give that many folks a feeling of self-worth. Don't make the independent owner pay their salary or their benefits, they are being bled by the big guys just like you and I.

Instead, make the record earning petroleum companies who blacken our waters and settle claims out of court rather than going to trial and risk exposing their shoddy practices, their disregard for the environment and their unmitigated greed pay their salaries. 300,000 new jobs, many of which could be returning vets, and I figure British Petroleum owes us.

Each time a guy fills the tank, he could lean in and remind you not to text while driving, ask how your family is and suggest you might need some air in the tires.

By the way? Those prices at the pump? They did it the last time it looked like a Democrat was going to win the presidency too, and it didn't work then.

Derogatory for mechanic and wearing the evidence of their labors on their clothes...and working hard to provide for their family with dignity, self-worth, honesty and pride.

Original Snapshot circa 1950? Collection Jim Linderman


Hex CRAZY Zook's Distlefinks and Barbeque Signs of Plywood

Distlefinks and such threaten to bury a likely commissioned BBQ Pig at the Jacob Zook Hex sign factory and house of crafts in Paradise, PA. I believe I remember seeing that very pig sign rotting away behind a restaurant which served breakfast in a skillet 20 miles past the Delaware Gap! I had just filled up and didn't have the gumption go back in to ask if I could have it, nor the energy to steal it. It COULD have been a "later edition" as it looks like Zook could crank them out.

YES Zook is still in business and has a most handsome site HERE

Zook's hexes have "traveled to the fifty states and many foreign lands" according to the reverse.

Jacob Zook House of Crafts Postcard photograph by Jim E. Hess, no date. Collection Jim Linderman.

SEE ALSO IN SITU: American Folk Art in Place Book or Ebook HERE

Hagenbeck Wallace At The Circus in Black and White #31 The World's Lowest Type Human

Caption on reverse "September 2, 1938 L.A Calif. Afternoon crowd now leaving the circus. Sideshow Band was playing in the midway."

Look close and you will see one of the acts was "The World's Lowest Type Human" and I hate to speculate on that one. Suzie born with the Skin of an Elephant.

If the date on the reverse of this photo is correct, you are seeing the sun go down in the afternoon and the lights go out in the evening. Hagenbeck-Wallace ceased operation the same year.

For those of you animal rights folks out there, in 1913 the circus lost 8 elephants, 21 lions and 8 performing horses in a flood in 1913. That pales in comparison to the train wreck they had five years later, in which an engineer further down the track fell asleep at the throttle and crashed his train into the rear of the Hagenbeck's. Kerosene lamps on the circus train spread fire immediately to the wooden cars, and 86 circus members died, another 127 were injured.

AT THE CIRCUS IN BLACK AND WHITE is a occasional feature on Dull Tool Dim Bulb. This is number 31 in the series.

Original Snapshot 1938 Collection Jim Linderman

Order Dull Tool Dim Bulb / Vintage Sleaze / Jim Linderman Books and Tablet downloads for iPad HERE

Rock City? I thought you said TRAVELocity Snapshot Collection Jim Linderman

Visit the Gnome? First Travelocity booking? No, ROCK CITY!

Certainly makes me want to hike the trail. Rock City, or "SEE ROCK CITY" as any traveler as old as me will tell you, is an extensive tourist attraction anchored by Lover's Leap, a place you can see 7 states while you ponder jumping. At one time, according to Wiki, there were
900 barn roofs in 19 states painted with their slogan. This little shack may have been a part of the famous Rock City Corn Maze, or maybe not.

As for the gnome, the goofy wife of creator (Rock City creator that is, not THE Creator...who put the rock there) Garnet Carter was probably responsible, as she had a thing for European folklore and she likely made her husband Garnet spend a fortune on such things.

Rock City is also credited as creating the first miniature golf course, an accomplishment which darn well automatically puts the place on my first choice for historic site. (I'm not kidding. I LOVE putt-putt golf!)

Rock City is also home of the famous "Fat Man Squeeze" which I am SURE traps far more people now than when the place opened in 1932.

Rock City has a website
HERE with the appropriate address seerockcity.com

Original snapshot "Rock City" circa 1940 Collection Jim Linderman


How-dy Bub Racist Lapel Pin Carnival and Sideshow Premium

A MILLION LAUGHS! It's New, It's Different, It's Terrific and It's Racist.

Ad for Carnival and Sideshow premium, 1950 Harris Novelty company