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Quote and Credit


Estorica and 7 Zephyrs Primitive Erotic Novels from Mexico in the 1950s.

Alas a project I may never get to, the photo-porn of 7 Zephyrs and Estorica Press. Remember the mimeograph machine? 7 Zephyrs Press was a primitive smut publisher working just over the border in Juarez and Tijuana, Mexico. By 1955, the modest business had published well over 200 individually numbered titles.  Each had primitive drawings to illustrate the deviant goings on. The company also ran a lending library!  One could RENT individual titles and trade them back. Buy one, read it and return for another. Each title was "cranked out" in editions of 100 or so and numbered like a set of prints. I collected the 8 x 11 ditto machine ditties 15 years ago hoping to share their contents once again, but times change and now google blurs the content. Alas. I have a list of 99 titles which were published! Primitive and scarce. Each has some 25 pages of homemade action to supply the American market…just like the drugs of today. Over the years I’ve wondered about printing my own limited edition book bringing back the highlights, but technology usurped the market! Assorted editions of 7 Zephyrs Press erotic novels. Collection Jim Linderman / Dull Tool Dim Bulb

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