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Quote and Credit


Andrew Clemans Sand Artist original postcard 19th century Collection Jim Linderman / Dull Tool Dim Bulb

The one of a kind sand art bottles of Andrew Clemens are well known to 19th century American Folk Art collectors. I recently found this postcard which indicates the artist was used by an advertiser! I am not familiar with any other folk artists (or sand artists) who were sponsored by a clothier…nor if the John Kramer company of McGregor, IA sponsored any others. Clemens was a good choice. He was a deaf mute living in the same town and his art is something to behold. He also took out his OWN ads in the local newspaper. Clemens would dig sand from the nearby Pikes Peak State Park (Pictured Rocks) and meticulously separate them by color to create his bottles. He made hundreds but not too many survive. Hence, very expensive when one is available. Clemens died at age 37. I do not know if this one still exists. Recently, as Antiques and the Art Weekly reported, a group of three bottles exceeded a million dollars. Original Postcard of Andrew Clemens Sand Art circa 1894 - 1900? Collection Jim Linderman Dull Tool Dim Bulb #folkart. #sandart. #dulltooldimbulb

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