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Miniature Clay Hat Celebrating William McKinley inauguration

A Miniature Clay Hat Celebrating the William McKinley Presidential inauguration in 1897.  Stamped around is the inscription, appropriately, "Mckinley's Hat" and with the remnants of a red ribbon. Guess what!  Amazingly, there is a FILM of Mckinley's parade!  Hmm...looks pretty crowded there Trump.  Maybe the attendees were secretly paid by George Soros!

McKinley was not allowed to serve his full term due to an assassination.  In fact, maybe the clay hat was produced then, to mourn the loss? 

As with all presidential terms, McKinley's run as President had ups and downs...but at least the wasn't Donald Trump.  Furthermore, his Vice President was the remarkable Theodore Roosevelt, who was twice the man of Mike Pence AND one with the insight to favor the environment for future generations. 

William McKinley souvenir Miniature Clay Hat Celebrating William McKinley inauguration (or passing?) 1897 - 1901.  Collection Jim Linderman

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