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Antique Vintage Frog Die Cut Mold

It is pretty hard to impart motion (and gooeyness) to a metal object, but this vintage die-cut mold certainly does.  I handled many frogs in my younger,  wet feet days, and I can assure you this is a perfect rendition of a frog.  Die-Cut molds have been used for a century and more.  All those colorful stickers from Victorian days?  Die-cut.  They cut leather, rubber, you name it into recognizable shapes Note sharp edges here.  A die-cut mold is stamped down hard to create a representation.  

This Frog has been used a long time.  It has a repair or two, and even some neon green goo stuck in the groove which probably came along late in his career.  This guy survived in the industrial machine swamp for decades...right up to the neon era.  

Vintage Frog Mold no date.  Collection Jim Linderman Follow the BOXLOT page on Facebook.

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