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What Does a Window Screen Have to do with Climate Change ? Duh.

First of all, you ignorant Republican climate change deniers should think a bit about tropical diseases.  Decades ago, environmentalists were reporting increasing spread of tropical disease north of the equator would be one of the early serious tip-offs of ocean warming.  Since you haven't had enough flash floods and deluge rain spots yet, consider the Zika, which spreads anywhere it is warm and there are mosquitoes.  I guess you have all been too busy limiting women's reproductive rights to notice.  There is NO IQ test for an elected official, and the dumbest I know ride elephants and force their stupidity agenda on everyone else.

Second, while I am in a good mood…Stop it with the "vaccination could be bad for you" shit.  That's right.  The notion is shit.  How about doing some research before letting the kids here who didn't get vaccinated spread disease to other kids, okay?  Ever hear of "Herd Effect?"  It means the more who are vaccinated, the better off even the non-vaccinated are.  Get the shots, clowns.

Flu Shot?  Duh.  No, it doesn't "make you feel like you have the flu."  It keeps you and your loved ones from getting the flu.  Again?  Get your ignorant nose and ears off the Rush Limbaugh show and take advantage of whatever scientists, REAL scientists, suggest.  Respiratory disease caused by the flu is capable of killing you and everyone you touch.  Now magnify that by 100 and you have the start of an epidemic.  I'm not kidding.  Remember the "Great" Flu Pandemic of 1918?  It wasn't so great.  As in it killed nearly 5% of the world's population...and 600,000 Americans, which seems to be the only people you care about.  Furthermore, because big agriculture puts antibiotics in our food, the tools we have for curing the flu are reducing every day. 

By the way, there IS no "clean coal" and the reason the EPA is closing some power plants around you isn't a Government take-over either…it's as much to keep your kids from getting asthma and poisoned as it is reducing our gigantic footprint.

Now…what does a screen have to do with Climate Change?  If you don't have them, and don't empty the water from the tires abandoned in your backyard…you might find out.

Burrowes Rustless Copbronze Salesman Sample Screen Netting pack Circa 1910 Collection Jim Linderman.  The screens were 93% bronze.  I guess that is a good thing.

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