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Quote and Credit


Pure Color Jap-A-Lac Paint from Glidden circa 1920 Salesman Sample

Jap-a-Lac has been a "household word" since 1898, but I don't recall hearing it around my house.  Glidden might have been heard, but only on the television. Glidden was founded in Columbus, OH in 1875.  It is yet another company which has gone through buyouts and mergers so as to be unrecognizable, but it still exists. Today it is part of a conglomerate.  When the founder Mr. Glidden retired at age 85, his son took over and gobbled up competitors. Today, Glidden is but a "division" of something even larger.  Third largest paint company in the country, but the parent company is even larger.  One PPG now owns the drips of paint in 70 countries.  They even own "Transition Lens" which darken with the sun.

Glidden Jap-o-Lac enamel paint folding paint salesman sample circa 1920  Collection Jim Linderman 

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