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Quote and Credit


Folk Art Hooked Rugs Painted in Enamel A Handmade Salesman Sample Book

A beautiful salesman sample book with twenty hooked rug designs, each hand-painted in miniature by a Massachusetts woman by the name of J. A. Harlow.  Not only are the samples beautiful and creative, they are rendered here in remarkable detail.  Note prices!   One of my favorite book titles is Anonymous was a Woman which detailed the extraordinary "women's work" created by artists who never signed their needlepoint, quilts, rugs and such.  In this case, there is a name.  The paintings are so beautiful, each could stand alone as a piece of wall art.  The salesman sample book also has numerous descriptions, instructions to order, and not surprisingly a note to return the book in good condition!  "Please be careful of it" reads one.  I will.

J. A. Harlow's  Homemade Salesman Sample of Hooked Rugs Collection Jim Linderman

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