Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


Undisputedly the Undisputed Truth? Norman Whitfield and the Undisputed Truth White Afro Promotional Photograph

Hey!  It's Taka Boom, Chaka Khan's sister.  Hard to tell with all the make-up.  Strategic placement of disco ball helps identify the musical genre…you are going to put on platform shoes, wait in line to get in and possibly do some blow.   Or should I say undisputedly.

The Undisputed Truth was brainchild/nightmare created by Norman Whitfield, a strong R&B composer who seems to have made a major mistake here.  Norman wrote "I Heard it Through the Grapevine" and "War" (Oooof! Absolutely NOTHING! Say it Again!)  He also wrote "Ain't Too Proud to Beg" "Just My Imagination" and "Papa Was a Rolling Stone".  So we are talking money here…big time top of the line songwriter for the ages money. 

Whitfield was born in Harlem, but moved to the Motor City where he was soon writing songs for Motown.  Blinded by success (or SOMETHING?) Whitfield moved to LA when Motown abandoned Detroit In 1973…and his first band was the nightmare above.  They followed him from Detroit too… He still wrote hits, including "Car Wash" which you are humming now.

 The Undisputed Truth lasted 8 years or so, with numerous members.  Taka Boom's Fan Page is HERE.  Can you Dig it?  Well Dig THIS, it's the Undisputed Truth doing Whitfield's  "Smiling Faces"  I'm smiling.

Promotional Photograph (No Date) Collection Jim Linderman


  1. Oh, I remember this song, but geesh I have no memory of them. I would have remembered them. Think about it, if they regrouped and appeared on one of those PBS fundraisers we wouldn't know if they were the originals or not.

  2. Best 'fro in the business was the 5th Beatle - Billy Preston.