Quote and Credit

Quote and Credit


Boy Preachers Boy Evangelists Boy Wonders and "your Al Sharptons" Photo Essay

Lavin Burcham, the boy who had oil poured on his hands (olive oil…so says the bible) leads off our tribute here to miniature mouths for the Lord!  Boy Preachers are cool…it keeps them from being bad at least until they grow up.  Whenever you hear a talking head on Fox rail against "Your Al Sharptons…"  that's what they are talking about.  Boy Preachers!

All these boy preachers have been profiled on the Old Time Religion Blog (which you should follow) except for Reverend Al.  Do you know why Fox hates  Al Sharpton?  Because other than the Brawley incident, he is usually right.  (Except when he worked as an agent for the FBI….It's complicated.  It will make for a good book!)   I hope he runs for president again. He will keep Hillary honest and give her a foil.

ALL ORIGINAL PHOTOGRAPHS COLLECTION JIM LINDERMAN (Except for boy wonder Al Sharpton.  That comes from his new autobiography shown here and available here.

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