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Quote and Credit


Stick your Head Here Comedy Novelty Foreground Photographs

Taking a road trip with the kids?  I'm sure, even today, you could pull over and find a tourist trap which will let you stick your head in a plywood painting and take a goofy picture.

Cutout novelty photographs were invented by the same guy who first painted dogs playing poker. That astounding fact may just be enough for you to purchase this, the most curious of books, but collector Jim Linderman throws in a few more encouragements. One, all the photographs included in the book predate 1930, and two, all are from Argentina. Cassis Marcellus Coolidge is credited with creating "comic foregrounds" which put a sitter behind a caricatured painting. Staple of carnivals, "just off the exit" rest stops and anywhere one wants to have fun looking stupid. Argentina Tintamarresque, as odd as it may seem, collects 70 pages full of them.  OUT OF PRINT:  Jim Linderman current books are available HERE

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