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Quote and Credit


Hot Chile (Chili) Real Photo Postcard Cyanotype

A Hot Chile restaurant circa 1910.  I spell it Hot Chili but both are correct.  This fellow, (likely owner and chief chile slinger?)  was ahead of the time.  Why?

First of all, as the US population ages, those millions of baby boomers now old as hell...their taste buds like all parts of the body wear out. So we are eating more spicy food.  Secondly, folks from south of the border are coming this way, and they like hot food.  And yes, we have room for them all and they are welcome, so STFU all you scared, white losers.  We are all immigrants, unless you are a member of the 500 nations...in which case your family crossed over through Alaska centuries ago. 

Real Photo Postcard Untitled (Hot Chile cooled off with Cyanotype Blue) circa 1910 collection Jim Linderman

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